Rate my Art Please 🥺

Aww Thank you so much! :blob_hearts: :pleading_face:

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Ofc! :blob_hearts:

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Bump! :point_right:t4: :point_left:t4:

I have a few tips:

  • Use force fade and stabillizer to make the lines smoother
  • use warm colours to shade, dark purple-ish colour for shadows, yellowy colours for highlights
  • try adding little strokes for hair and eyelashes with a hair brush
  • according to the background, you can make a new layer of black, clip on the one layer art, lower the opacity, then add a new layer, select the one layer png, turn mode to overlay, use eyedropper for the pink and purple colours in the background, shade the newest layer according to the light and shadows technique.
    Hope they help :))
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Woah thank you for all the tips! <3 They’re really useful and I’ll be sure to pay attention to these next time :blob_hearts:

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