Rate my art plz!

Here’s some examples of my art, plz rate it and be honest!

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Also is that how you make that vote rating, cause I see it different in other topics…

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@lanafrazer_episode @EpisodeMirana @Captain_vanilla @Random.Tomboy @ItzKastinR


These are amazing! I love the style you draw in hun :blush:

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Aww thank you!!! :blob_hearts:

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sorry I gave it a low rating. you art is fine(and Its not like I am better myself). its just not any special. I have a lot of reason I gave it that rating. but compared to many other people on the forum its good. its just I usually is in places where art is supposed to be amazing so I kinda compared it to that

Ok, thx for your opinion, I appreciate you for saying the truth!

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Hiiii, can u rate my art?

So cute!
I love this style :heartpulse:

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