Rate my bad bois xx


Hi I created some bad boiis for my new story “Pregnant by His” please rate them and tell me how much of a bad boi they look :kissing_heart:


Oh… This one… Well, I’m not sure if this is legal or not but mc is 18 years old. And he is 24. Should be fine I guess??? Idk.

He’s pretty chill when you first meet him, later he reveals his bad boi ways, he may not be wearing bad boy clothes but he sure is one.


This one… this one’s pretty douche tbh, he’s a gang leader. He tells women to shut up crying. And he kills everyone but as soon as the story hits 1 million reads, it’s okay to break the guidelines. :kissing_heart:


This one is pretty innocent compared to others. He’s school’s golden bad boi, oh wait, I’ll create another bad boi but he’ll be also school’s golden boi. I can do that in the LL version, nvm.

Rate my bad bois plz xx

This is just created for the sole purpose of humor and nothing more. I do not intend on mocking others’ stories. They just seem pointless and somehow succesfull to me, I just wanted to try something new. If anyone tries to start a flame-war will get a flag for each of their posts. Not only off-topic flag but also a harassment flag.


They look great!




Thx loves :kissing_heart:


you forgot the best friend D:


OH NO! I’ll add him as the rival bad boiii


I’m weak lol


This is great. Also thank you for making the MC 18 so the teacher thing is legal lmao.


I love them!!! But unfortunately I have this thing where I only date boys who kidnap me first ://



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