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so in the past couple of months, a lot has happened mentally. Everything has really stopped me from writing and getting inspiration, But I’m finally back! I missed you all! since my country is officially in lockdown I might as well spend some time writing. When I have ideas I always love feedback from the community.

please leave advice on maybe how I could change the plot to make it a bit better ect… thank you!

  1. The government gives everyone a colour on their 18th birthday that determines their friends, job, expression and life. You were born a yellow, full of safeness, comfortability and laughter but eventless. When your 18th birthday comes, the system changes you to red. Red… wealthy, known around the country, a celebrity… a whole new world to what you knew. Can you survive being a red or will you drop down the rankings…

  2. From being the most successful social media star in Paris to the unknown new girl in an American university, you do everything to regain your platform. Will you force relationships and friendships or realise the crown of fame isn’t all about money, followers and men?

  3. After your Father is murdered you’re forced to leave everything you know, Can you live life as a normal teenager or will your family secrets be revealed?

I really hope you like these ideas. Please don’t be shy to show your true feelings towards them, I want to make an amazing story!!

  • story 1
  • story 2
  • story 3

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I think story 1 sounds the most unique and compelling. Which one is your favourite?

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I like the first story the best! It’s definitely a unique idea and it seems really interesting

Definitely story 1! I hope I get more inspiration for it :slight_smile:

thank you so much!

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