Rate This Artwork Please (Part 2)

I haven’t posted my artwork here for a while (more than a year ago), so I’m hoping to have gotten some improvement since the last time I drew.

I’m hoping to get a rating from 1-5 again, except I’ll tweak the ratings compared to my last post’s. If you think your rating falls between two numbers, then you can just add the 0.5 in there. For example, if you think it is between 3 and 4, then 3.5 would be your rating.

1 - Needs a LOT of improvement, it doesn’t look good at all. :smiling_face_with_tear:
2 - It had the potential to look good, but there’s much to improve. At least you tried. :sweat_smile:
3 - It looks alright and even a little good. There are some things that need improvement. :grinning:
4 - It looks relatively good, and there are just some minor things or one major thing that needs improvement. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
5 - It looks really good and one-of-a-kind. There are very few minor things that need improvement. :star_struck:



Please let me know if anything looks off, weird, or not right at all. Also let me know if anything could make it look better.

Thank you for reading! :smiley:

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Hi @brillzart your art skill are on point.

Art is so cutie . Omg my eyes is in tears . I love everything about the art .

Also the blending and shading is perfection. Also art you made shows you have put all your effort into art . omg I am mind blown from this art.

I would give your art ranked a 10000000

I love the anime you have made. She is so cutie omg :sneezing_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m not an artist, but this definitely looks really good! I love your style :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello! I just checked your old topic and I can definitely see the improvement! The shading is much more thought out, such as the clothing’s folds looking more accurate and the skin appearing more 3 dimensional. The colour palette is harmonious in appearance and your style is clear and apparent!


As for improvements you could do, I think that the background’s colours could be less saturated (leaves and grass)since it draws too much attention when the focus should be the character.

A better sense of depth such as showing a dramatic difference in darkness and light (don’t be afraid to darken what is in the shade!)could help to bring your character back into the spotlight. This applies for the character as well. I recommend studying on shading values and trying out grayscale painting to improve this!

The pose also appears to be very stiff looking, which makes me assume that you drew this pose without fully following a pose reference of a real person. Please don’t be afraid to reference and even trace poses as practice!

Although tracing isn’t ethical if you profit from the art that is traced and/or don’t mention that it is traced (if the art is shown publicly), practicing anatomy by tracing can prove to be very helpful and even speed up your learning process! Once you learn how to draw natural poses without tracing, you can simply move on to referencing (yes even professional artists use references, it is even often required to once drawing digitally becomes a job)

I could go into details though this would take too long so I just touched the basics :sweat_smile:

In conclusion, I rate your artwork as a 4!


It looks really good! Would give you a 4!
If you could improve anything maybe the hand on her waist, her fingers look quite straight and I feel like you could try have them bending more.
Overall I really do like it!:smiling_face:

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Its so pretty! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blob_hearts:

I would give it a 4 :eyes:
zero flaws for the way you drew the character, only the background needs some improvement :thinking:

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I can give you 3… tbh
I know other gave 4

But I see small things by zooming ofc!

And I saw some things

  • Like You can improve your eyelashes, even tho your eyes looks perfect but eyelashes kinda looks fake even in anime style.
  • A little merge (blue or whatever u call it) in shadings… so it doesn’t look like that those are differently added.
  • Don’t use the shading in cheeks or face (both side) … just a little will do.
  • You clothes shading is obvious GREAT!! but look out for the hairs.
    I mean you have shaded and colored the hair perfectly but try to draw them a little better? (I have seen animes and they tend to have some fluffy and u know?.. like lot’s of hairs?..) ughh I don’t make sense in this… do I? lol
  • And the background, well, leave the grass bcz people don’t look that closely but try different shared in tree (different green colors)
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Thank you everyone for your responses!

Thank youuu! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Ay, thanks!! :grinning:

Yeah, I definitely agree with the background critiques. Backgrounds are something I have to work on more, so I’ll keep what you said in mind.

Interesting, I was wondering how to shade better, so maybe I should apply what you said here in my future artworks.

Yeah, I didn’t really use much references, so I mainly drew based on what I remembered. Next time I should consider maybe doing poses myself and use myself as a reference or something. :sweat_smile:
As for the hair, I should probably look at how hair is usually drawn to make it look better. :rofl:

Haha, I never even noticed that, I will definitely keep that in mind! I can’t unsee it now, lol. :rofl::sob:


If I didn’t respond to something you said, I’m sorry. :pray:

I’m not a digital artist but I feel the face has a bit to much shading (idk how to explain what I’m thinking sorry) also like @lisaaudrey said your background takes some of the attention off the character. Also I think you could add more highlights to the hair. Other than those few things I think it looks amazing!!

I love it. It looks like anime, but different from your usual anime art. Very unique. :blush: I give it a 5