Rate This Look - Sporty Babes Edition!

Girls League Baseball Uniform

Roller Skating Queens

Rate these outfits below! Feel free to use them in your stories. Post your versions in the comments. :blush:


1st one 6/10 maybe have a shorter shirt so cropped if you can
2nd one 7/10 just because i dont really like the hair or shoes
please dont be offended by these comments

I’m not haha. The baseball outfit I can’t really do anything about I work with what episode has available for us. Thanks for your input. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

the skirt seems a little impractically short for baseball, but cute.

the funky colors are perfect for rollerblading. i’d prefer different tennis shoes.

Yeah the baseball outfits we’re inspired by the film ‘A league of their own’ in the time period the movie is set men were extremely sexist towards women in any sports but I decided to keep a similar look because they didn’t let the uniforms they were forced to wear degrade them and instead it empowered them. As for the sneakers they closer resemble having wheels so I went with them as we don’t actually have rollerblades. (-:

In my opinion the first shirt looks like a pajamas… and I agree with @moon_girl02, it’s too long.

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considering that, i’ll bump the first score to 10/10.

i don’t recommend changing the shirt, it makes the outfits kinda sporty.

I don’t plan to thanks for the input! :blush:

Can’t do anything about the length. Baseball shirts can work as pajamas I keep mine around as sleepwear haha

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