Rate this story idea and gimme suggestions

Hii guys. Since I’m new to the whole romantic story thingy, I tried and got this idea:

There’s a girl named Ava and she teleports into the historical times (i.e. when kings and queens and monarchy system was there). Weirdly, she finds her present time friends there too BUT they are their opposite selves and blah blah and she probably finds a prince or a goldsmith who she falls in love with, idk something like that.

So, guys, just give me some suggestions and probably rate it too? Like, Please help me make this better :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

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I believe it’s a great idea but if her friends are going to be there, I suggest that, in order to make your story a little more interesting, the prince or whatever with whom she falls in love turns to be the person she was interested before teleporting and with the specification that, indeed, he’s exactly the opposite so, (if you want to make your story merely romantic) the only way she can come back to her time is making him love her by who she is. If want the typical cliche, he’s rich and, in this other time, a cold and heartless man b: and in the girl’s case, average and not that wealthy b:

Orrrrr make her fall completely in love with a man who’s not from her time and her love is such that she does everything in her power to avoid returning to her time, even sacrificing all her real life and friends jsjsjs

Whatever you decide let me know when you published your story! I’d love to see the outcome :heartpulse:

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I’d suggest maybe that the people she sees in the past could be the ancestors of her friends.

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This is a good start! I really like reading stories that are set back in earlier times, so I think this is a cool idea. :slight_smile:

You should read the story, “The Ruby Tiara”. It’s about a girl who teleports back in time and is trying to get back home. It might give you some inspiration. :slight_smile:

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