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Need a Cover for my story
Digital Art Needed
I need a cover story please!
Need a Cover for my story
Can anyone make me a picture for my story
Splash creator?
In need of an art scene! plz?
I need a episode story cover
Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)
Looking for A Special Art Scenes Artist
Looking for someone to do a digital art cover
Artist needed for art scene
I need a Digital Cover art please
New Cover for my story
I Need Cover Art!
I Need Cover Art!
Looking for a Cover & Splash Artist
Cover for my story!
Anyone willing to create a cover photo for me?

Hi would i make my request here?


Sure send the details I’m gonna have the user lock down so I be on @SpiralKaleidoscope


I need a cover for my story.


Send the details please


I basically need two of my characters on it the girl has white hair that is straight and wears the skater look outfit she has full thick lips and dark colour she has upturned bold eyes an oval face shape and an upturned nose and light skin color the male has caramel skin sarcastic eyes, smirk lips cropped fawn hair abutton nose and a defined triangle face shape the girl is much shorter than the boy and the boy can wear anything but it has to look badass and if you can make her thrown over his shoulder that would be great. Sorry if I’m not doing this right I’ve never written a story before and i wanted it to look good


What are there eye color and if you send them a screen shot of there pose it make it faster.


Ok the girl has black eyes and the guy has green eyes.


theres 2 white hair


Um either will work and sorry for next Ott saying but this story is ink


Can you also give outfit details please? This is a different user x



Those re my characters


There’s also the cream hair colour and the white so you want the white, right?


White please


Any pose?


Um is there any chance the girl could be over the guys shoulder like he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder?




Thank you soooooo much.


Also I have a random question are u from Europe? The only reason I’m asking is cause the way u spelled color