Raven Hood Offical Request Shop

she did


for the outfit she said this

She said she wants more relaxed clothing. And to change the clothes we need the character details. We also have no character position.

I have them

and you could of ask her/he

Can you give it to us please

She already got her requests done

Really? Then no more fuss. Good for her :smile:

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Could I have a special art scene of my two characters? I’ll send you details if you can do it x

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Yes you could can you send the details please and do you want it drawn or with episode characters

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Yeah she got what she wanted luckily

Are yous still doing your request

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Could I have it drawn please? Here’s the details:
Character 1: Ink Female
Skin tone: Olive
Eyebrows: Classic natural
Hair: Scene Hair
Hair colour: Punky Purple
Eyes: Round Bold
Eye colour: Purple
Mouth: Full Round
Lipstick: Wine
Nose: Elven
Face Shape: Oval
Character 2: Ink Male
Skin tone: olive
Nose: button
Eyes: classic round (blue)
Eyebrows: narrow
Face Shape: Defined triangle
Mouth: uneven (taupe)

I would like the background to be outdoors at night with some fireflies and I would like the characters to be kissing passionately.
This is what I would like them to wear
Black Biker Jacket
Black Shorts Onesie Bottom
Plain Swimsuit Top (Black)
Small Fishnets
Black Milotary Chic Boots

Male outfit
Open Simple Hoodie (Black)
Tank Top (Black)
Black Hipster High Top Sneakers
Slim Slacks (Black)


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I don’t do drawn yet but I know who could

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Come here please and could you do her requests please


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