Raven Hood Offical Request Shop

Huh so are you joining yes or no


Hello! Thank you for doing my request! Where can I get it?

I am not the one who did it

Oh! Do you know who did?

Not at all I think you posted something and someone said she would do it

She said that she couldn’t do it for me and didn’t get someone to do it for me. That’s why I asked for a new one in my thread.
So I do need one

Is it a cover or art thread. Ill see if I can do it

Art scene!

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Ok can you send me the details

I can try to do it but can you send me the details precisely

Is there any way I could have an art scene with everything exactly the same as my cover?

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Yes can I have the info and do you want it drawn or not

Here’s my cover

Can I have that but as an art scene and without the words?

You have to ask @CD_Erugo
She knows Im still learning

Do u know when she’s on?


Ok thx tho

My pleasure