Raven's Coding Shop! [OPEN]

Hey guys! I have been coding for quite a while now and would love to help those new coders who are still trying to navigate their way around writing a story!

(As well as those more experienced writers who just have no clue what they are doing! Don’t worry, we have all been there :laughing:)

Things I am more advanced at:
-Spot direction
-Overlay placement
-Grammar/Editing (Very strong at this!)

1. Please do not ask me to code entire scenes for you. I am here to help and make your life easier, but not to do everything for you! Please respect the fact that I do not feel like spending my time writing your stories for you x
2. If I provide you with a script template, please keep the ‘readerMessage’ that is giving me credit for the template. I put a lot of effort into the coding and want to be recognised.
3. Just be kind :blush: I am not this extremely advanced Episode coder who knows everything so if you ask something of me that I can’t do or don’t know, please be kind and don’t get upset x

Feel free to comment down below any issues you may have and I will do my absolute best to help :blush:


Hey! Could you help me with putting characters in the background? Heres the background: INT. DUTCH CAFE OL - NIGHT

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Sure, give me 20 minutes okay? Sorry I am just about to hop in the shower :blush:

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sorry this is really irrelevant but i just wanted to say that i love the name Raven :joy:

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Take all the time you need.

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Thank you :blush:

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Would you like characters in all zones or just sitting at table?


But I don’t want a lot of characters

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Okie dokie :blush:

Is it a cafe or restaurant (as in would they be drinking coffee or wine)

Hmm, both?

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Haha okay

Hi! So sorry I took so long!! Had school today and only just got home. Here is your template (lemme know if there is anything you want changed):


&FEMALE1 spot 0.983 65 131 in zone 3 AND FEMALE1 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND FEMALE1 faces right
&FEMALE1 moves to layer 3
&FEMALE2 spot 0.875 174 212 in zone 3 AND FEMALE2 is talk_neutral_loop AND FEMALE2 faces right
&FEMALE2 moves to layer 2
&MALE1 spot 0.902 249 211 in zone 3 AND MALE1 is listen_nod_happy_loop AND MALE1 faces left
&MALE1 moves to layer 2

&MALE2 faces right AND FEMALE3 faces left
&FEMALE3 spot 1.280 285 -43 in zone 1 AND FEMALE3 is sip_cup_neutral_loop
&FEMALE3 moves to layer 2
@add Tumbler Glass Empty Glass Clear to FEMALE3
&MALE2 spot 1.280 105 -31 in zone 1 AND MALE2 is talk_neutral_loop
@add Tumbler Glass Empty Glass Clear to FEMALE1
&MALE2 moves to layer 3

&MALE3 spot 0.722 109 279 in zone 2
&MALE3 moves to layer 3
&MALE3 is idle_rear

@transition fade in black in 3

readerMessage | bold | Spot Template Credit: | reset | @RavenWrites

@pause for 2

@pan to zone 3 in 6

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Hi I have a question about zooming.
Lets say I wanted to open a scene where I panned across the background and then zoomed into the MC drinking a glass of champagne? I was trying to use the &character zoom at … THEN drinks …

Any advice or tips would be so so appreciated.

Do you want the character to be drinking while you zoom or after you have finished zooming?

Zoom into her and then she takes a drink.

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Ahh okay gimme two seconds and I will figure it out :slight_smile:

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Pop this into your script and lemme know if this is what you meant :slight_smile:


&FEMALE1 stands screen center in zone 3 AND FEMALE1 is idle_stemware_neutral_loop

@add Champagne Flute Filled to FEMALE1

@transition fade in black in 3

@pause for 2

@pan to zone 3 in 3

@zoom on FEMALE1 to 200% in 2

@FEMALE1 is sip_stemware_happy

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Sorry, I’m very new to the coding process, when I want to add dialogue afterwards would I just place it below?

The script helps! Thank you!

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