Raven's outline contest!


I recently hit 800 reads on my story and I decided to host an outline contest on Instagram and I’m bringing it here!

Let’s get right into it!


  1. Do not steal this outline!
  2. Be kind to others when they post
  3. You can change the outline, but make sure it’s recognisable
The Outline

Winners will be announced here and on my Instagram @_xepisode.ravenx _ :gem:

Prizes will be discussed with the winners of the contest

If you would like, please tag others in this contest as it would be a shame if this would flop!

The current deadline is April the 15th however, if you need more time I will give it you :heart:

Comment down below if you’re entering

Password Raven800

Have fun :kiss:

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I’ll enter! Raven800
Great outline btw! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks :smile:

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