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Hi there! I personally love to receive reviews on my story (especially brutally honest). I personally am very critical of episode stories but also love a good read! So, if you’d like a brutally honest review, please complete the form below. There is also a criteria sheet provided so that you know what I will grade you on. (I only review the first episode of your story)


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-PLEASE DO NOT BE RUDE OR TAKE OFFENCE TO MY REVIEW: Just because your review might not be perfect and I may provide lots of feedback, does not mean I didn’t enjoy it!
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@saylorrhayne - The Booth
@Grottino - The Red Curtain
@idktrever - Springmist Lake


Title of the story: The Nerd Of The Bad Boy

Author of the story: Kit Kat

Description of the story: Christa dosen’t have and an easy life. Everyday she gets bullied at school. Everything seems against her. The people who actually cares for her is her family and her best friend. But what happens when tutoring the bad boy ends up a rollercoaster of events and surprises? Will she take it all or break and give up?

Cover of the story:



Thank you so much :blush:

Is it in Limelight or Ink?

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So sorry I forgot to add in title…I only do limelight

Oh ok…thank you anyway…

Good luck with your story though :slight_smile:

Hello! I woud love if you could review my story!<3
Thank you so much for this thread!
I have a story called “Stranded”
-Genre: Adventure
-Length: Currently 4 episodes and continuing.
-Description: After living a boring and repetitive life, you’re offered an opportunity of a lifetime. You leave your family behind and take your best friend to New York to begin your new journey. But little do you know, someone has other plans for you. The plane crashes on an island you think is inhabited. Find out what happens when you discover the real reason behind the crash.
-1 Love interest
-2 people to become friends with

I would so love if you can check it out and give me feedback!
-Instagram: @episode.vogue

I would definitely read this xx Ill review it tomorrow

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In the mean time you should check out my story

‘Light after Dark’

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I’ll check it out! :revolving_hearts:

I would love a review from you to improve. thank you so much for this!
here’s mine.

  • Story Name: Remnant Past
  • Author: Madhu
  • Chapters Released: 4
  • Description: Lucy’s life takes a drastic turn after an incident that occurred in the past. Sent to New York, She tries to adjust to her new self but that proves difficult. Very difficult.
  • Style: LL
  • Genre: Action
  • Cover:

Sure thing, I will read tomorrow :slight_smile:

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tysm! I hope you enjoy it !

Im sure I’ll love it

In the mean time you should check out my story

‘Light after Dark’

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May i know what is it about and in which style?

I haven’t received much on my new story so I’d love to hear your opinion on it!
Story Title: The Booth
Author Name: Saylor Rhayne
Published or Unpublished: Published
Description: You’ve been told about a booth that finds your soulmate since birth. The night you plan on taking your boyfriend, a random man jumps into the booth with you! What’ll happen next?

Link to story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6320736279789568
My Instagram: @snailorr

Sure thing

Title: Light After Dark
Author: Raven Writes
Description: After the death of the love of your life, you vow to never love again. Will a new found friendship with a kind stranger finally allow you to heal? Or will it too end in tragedy?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4657750380183552

Sorry for the delay (my laptop died)

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Hi! I would like your review in order to keep improving :slight_smile:
Title: the Red Curtain
Author: Grottino
Published: first 3 chapters are out
Description: You are a teenage boy trying to find your own voice in lyrical opera, friendship, love, sexuality and family.
Unravel the present, take a stroll in the past and get a glimpse of the future.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4624881377148928