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oh forgot bout that! I’ll like to have it black please

I made one with black font but also one with white font as you can’t really tell what the words say in black lol

Black font

White font

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Omg tyy, you’re a life saver how should I credit?

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You can credit my insta @rayaepi :two_hearts:

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character details

skin tone: netural 02
female athletic body
eyebrows; arched natural
hair : Long Straight Wavy Ends Parted , color: warm pink
eyes: female generic , color: brown black
face shape: diamond
nose: defined natural
lips: small heart

clothes: Locket and Choker Necklace Metal Gold , Center Tie Crop Shirt Cotton Complex Color (Pink) , Wide Pant Wedding Slacks Polyester Complex Color (Black) , Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather White

pose : flirt_smile_lookaway


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I kindly ask that you read the rules and do as they say :blush:

I did but idk how to blur

For future reference, you click on the symbol and then “blur spoiler” and then also “hide details” which would look like this…


This is where you’d put all the information so it’s not one big comment :blush:

And you’re requesting a cover, correct? Do you want the title on it?

okay thank you so much!!

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yea but i dont want the title just the cover

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You’re welcome!:smiling_face:

omgg thank uu!!

I was told you had requested the exact same thing from someone else. In my rules, I state that if you request the same thing from someone else, do not request it from me. I feel it’s disrespectful considering whichever art piece you don’t use, the person who created it has wasted their time. Please be mindful of this in the future.

if i can i want to make a cover request ! <3

js in case my insta is @lisa.writesz


the title is Forbidden Truce

character details

zane (love interest)

neutral 04
male athletic body
arched medium (black dark)
slicked back side shaved tousled (black jet)
narrow almond deep smiling (blue deep)
square defined
straight pointed
full heart natural (Neutral Medium Nude Gloss)

valencía (mc)

female athletic body
neutral 03
arched natural scar (black dark)
long wavy blowout (black dark)
Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies (brown pale)
round button
full round pounty (Neutral Medium Nude Gloss)

outfit details

valencías outfit

Hoop Flowers Metal Gold
Turtleneck Heart Zipper Sleeves Mesh Cotton…
Long Fur Jacket Cotton Grey Black
Boot Stiletto Knee High Leather Black
Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid
Bird Collar Tattoo Solid
Dagger Thigh Tattoo Ink Multi Color
Nose Stud Silver

zanes outfit

Hoop Earring Silver Line Metal Grey Black
Cross Necklace Metal Silver
Open Button Down Suit Jacket Cotton Grey
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim
Classic Pleathers Oxfords Leather Blaxk
Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Boaxk
Scar Cheek (08-10)

valencias pose:
zanes pose:
but if it dosent look as good you can try hugging or kissing!!

EXT. MB ROOF SUNSET - NIGHT. (i couldnt add the image bc it said "you cant add a media in a post so i added the name)

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Hey hun, for future reference, be sure to put all character details and such under the “hide details” drop box so it isn’t one long comment :two_hearts:

Thank you. will you send me the cover through gmail?

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Sorry but I post all finished requests here in this thread :two_hearts:


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Title “College Hacks”

Character Details

Sarah (MC)
Athletic Body, Gold 01
Brow Bushy Thick, Deep Brown
Beach Wave Hair, Golden Brown
Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies Eyes, Hazel
Diamond Defined Contour Face
Round Broad Downturned Nose
Full Heart Pouty Lips, Pink Warm Gloss

Mason (LI)
Athletic Body, Rose 02
Round Soft Brows, Chestnut Brown
Side Part Wavy Tousled, Light Brown
Wide Defined Eyes, Blue Green
Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved Face
Grecian Narrow Nose
Medium Straight Natural Lips, Pink Beige Gloss


Sarah (MC)
Single Black Band Crystal Neutral White
Plaid Boyfriend Flannel Cotton Blue Periwinkle
Belted Jeans Denim Blue Oxford
Low Top Sneakers Canvas Complex Color (White)

Mason (LI)
Loose T Shirt Cotton Red
Cuffed Jeans Denim
Checkered Slip On


Sarah (MC)
flirt_lookaway_bashful (facing left)

Mason (LI)
idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop (facing right)

posed as if they are back to back.


The background is transparent and the cover is a large cover.
Could you add text, such as “3 LI’s” and “LL Customization” on either sides of the characters please?


Thank you so much!

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