RayRay Realistic Hair Tutorial


Hi to all who sees this!

I will be showing you how to make realistic hair like:


Okay so here’s the pic we’re doing!

And I already started

There are

Just A

If your joining just comment
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Ibis paint X Tutorials
My first digitital art try?!(What do you guys think?!)
Can someone teach me how to make an Episode Edit?

You guys can tag your friends please it’ll be great




I want to learn!


Thank you


Oh lol sorry i skiped this:


I want to learn this! :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too!



I need this!

Tasty snacks


Omg yes tasty snack


Okay we’ll start in 30 minutes


okie dokie!


Can you please tag your friends who you think will be interested




Tasty snacks!

muffin poop was better






Okay well I guess we can start now cuz I’m done with chores who ever comes late will just see all the posts


Off topic. but LOVE that hair color! :heart_eyes:


So can i still continue