Ray's free poses


So here is another pose.


Sorry this took so long!!!
Oof tags?


Okay. So I had loads of poses to share. But they were all crap. So here you go.

I don’t really know what this. Your welcome! Lolls


Wow lol it actually looks good I may use it :joy:

of course I will credit ya


Go ahead!


Lol how do ya make them? :thinking:


How do I make them? (I use a ea) so I go into my episode app. Go into my editing assistant now you take screenshots of a bunch of different poses you think would work to make a different pose. Then you go into your art app( I use ibis paint x) you tap on the selection layer and your color over the body part you want to move. You should erase anything that’s not on the body part. Because well I learned that the hard way. You are basically ripping apart somebody and putting them back together. You will need to draw some parts of your own usually though.


Oh thank you so much! :grin:


No problem!


Hey is it cool if i use this pose? just wanted to make sure before i started anything (obviously i’d give you credit)


Yeah you can! The poses are free to everyone!


okay cool thanks i just didn’t wanna start something without knowing if i could or not and having to scratch the whole idea :joy:


It’s perfectly fine! I am happy someobdoy wants to use it lol.


I mean um I guess you could.


Yeah I can try!


Yeah sure!



I forgot about this @Raybadem
very useful


I did to boi




Aw thanks.