Re-done Story Feedback

Hi everybody

My name is Hannah and a few months ago, I had a story out called Mafia Star, but unfortunately, after only 12 chapters I was very disheartened and stopped writing it.

I have since changed the story slightly and re-written it in LL and before I continue carrying on with Chapter 2, I’d love to hear what you think.

Hey so I checked your first episode, I was a bit confused at the intro in the first episode, also you should check the characters heights, Antonio at first seemed to be short as a guy, sometimes the characters heights are a bit jumpy, like too tall or too short. Also there are zooming errors and missing letters in a few words too. Besides all of that everything was very great, you should definitely continue it :+1:.

Thank you so much, I know about spotting and directing, I have a friend who is going to fix it all before it’s published.

Spelling isn’t my strong spot, so I know that some words aren’t right.

I just needed to make sure that I was doing something right.

No problem. You are doing it right, the story content is very great keep it up.

Thank you :smile:

I’m glad to help :upside_down_face: :+1:.

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