🤍 Re-Opening Art Thread 🤍

So you want it to say “val_epii on instagram” on two separate lines ?

Yes Val epii on one and then a line and the instagram

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Here love :white_heart: LMK of any changes !



Here love :white_heart: Let me know if you want anything changed !


It’s great!!

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This is perfect, thank you so much! :revolving_hearts:

How would you like me to credit you?

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Password CanyonMoon

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detail sheets
  • Preferred background (custom/Episode/other):

  • Color scheme: You can choose!

  • Any overlays: Nope.

  • Any extra text: Nope!

  • Anything else: Nope.

  • Character style (LL, INK, Classic): LL

  • Character details:
    Female Athletic Body
    Gold 02
    Straight Medium Dark Brown
    Short Flipped Wavy Solid Auburn Brown
    Angular Slender Hazel Dark
    Round Button
    Full Heart Pouty Neutral Medium Nude Matte

  • Character outfit:
    Flower Necklace Choker
    Collared Crop Rolledup Sleeves Jacket Leather Grey Warm
    Vcutout Croptop Polyester Green Hunter
    Ripped Black Denim Skirt Denim
    High Heel Gladiator Sandals Pleather Grey Black

  • Character pose (custom or Episode): admire_happy

❥ Password: CanyonMoon

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I want my MC to be at a kitchen counter just like the picture but this background below is good enough. Can you zoom in a little bit so it only focuses on female mc and male mc and the glassed goods.


  1. Character style (LL, INK, Classic):LL
  2. Character details:

Female: Body: generic gold 03
Lips: full round flat top skin / rose light nude gloss
Brows: Arched short dark brown
Hair: Type 3 high bun coil /brown back
Eyes: Downturned wide/ brown deep
Face: Square defined
Nose: Round button

Body: Slim neutral 02
Brows: Straight medium scar / black dark
Hair: Side part wavy tousled/ platinum white
Eyes: Delicate Almond / grey cool
Lips: Full heart natural /fair gold matte
Face: Triangle defined chin
Nose: Straight Flat

  1. Character outfit:

  2. Character pose (custom or Episode
    I want the female to pose just like the reference picture on google except with the facial expression just as the screenshot on the portal and the male posing just as the screenshot.


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No need :white_heart:

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@atsukowrites & @PamV18 Y’all have been accepted :white_heart:



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Hey! Me again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was just wondering if I could get one more banner saying ‘Request Accepted’? No worries if not :revolving_hearts:

Ofc !

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Thank you so much!