Re-Opening of My Art Request Thread- Covers, Splashes, PFP, Watermarks, Character Edits, Backgrounds, Overlays, and Much More!

Hello dear Episodians.

I recently closed my art request thread because of a plethora of many issues. From disorganization to plain overwhelming of all the requests. I have a new and profound way to organize requests and I will inform each person who requests that it may take some time- just so I don’t get overwhelmed.

The new way will showcase these different things:

  • How to donate to me
  • NEW: Character edits
  • ALSO NEW: SPECIAL ART SCENES! (see examples below)
  • Cover request forms for all styles
  • Splash request forms
  • Background request forms
  • Overlay request forms
  • Watermark request forms
  • PFP request forms
  • And a Google drive containing all my original backgrounds!

  • Covers- large and small
  • Special art scenes (see examples below)
  • Character edits
  • Background edits
  • Overlays
  • Splashes
  • Profile picutres
  • And watermarks


Special art scenes:

(If anyone knows who made these outlines, please let me know so I can credit them!)
Character edits:

Background edits



Profile pictures:
None yet!
And watermarks:

Here are my rules:

  • No hate
  • No bullying
  • Don’t take credit for my art
  • Don’t spam questions
  • Understand these take up time. I am a high school and college student so I have a lot on my hands already.
  • If you have any issues, DM on here or email me at

Here are my examples:

Once_in_a_Lifetime_QX_posterThumb_hHcCCtrkze Americas_Eligible_Millionaires_aA_posterThumb_fmzYqsheDJ



None yet!



Background Edits


Character Edits



My Version of an Art Scene


NEW REQUEST OPTION: Character edits! Now in the request link.

Here is where you can find the request forms:
Request Forms, Google Drive to my Backgrounds, and More!

I’m sorry that I had to leave, but I’m back :heart:
Much love


I’m the one who requested the medals

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Not reallly… Its for a swim competition as one of the characters is a swimmer and I just need to be able to place on the character.

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Could I get a transparent laptop overlay, sort of like the facetime ones.

Perfect, you are amazing. This saved me on a lot. Thank you. I’ll be sure to credit you when its released.

Also sorry to ask again, but the gold medal overlay to wear on the neck is missing. You included the silver one but forgot the gold :sweat_smile: :smile:

Omg thank you so much x

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I did a Request!

Hope your gonna do it!
Love ya

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Submitted a request! Hope you can do it!
Good luck! :grin: :kissing_heart:

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Your so amazing and so talented!

I love them all

Love you

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I love it! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi I was wondering how can I make a trailer of my story like this one

Or how to do the special effects that’s in the trailer I’m just starting out on my first book

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Hey! this is part of the request

open door background


Thank you so much it looks great! But is it ok if the 207 door number open with that room background?

yeah is that ok?

thank you!

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I need a stair overlay from this scene INT. JUVIE ROW HOME - DAY

I love it! except this is what my charectors look like the red head and the guy she’s lookin at