Re size and placing character help please!

So this is whats going on, I resize the character and place it in the spot I wanted her to be, when I test in the app and also online, the metric I applied with spot directing are not working, I have moved and resized for 3 hours now and is the same. Any Ideas in how to make it work.

@DIASPHORA enters from right to screen center and DIASPHORA is does it while run_fall THEN remove DIASPHORA
@DIASPHORA spot 0.768 -102 209 and DIASPHORA is idle_lay_exhausted_loop

thank you very much my dear :blush:

Good morning guys.

Now I have the following issue, at first I was able to fix it with the help of @Dara.Amarie but after moving the speechbubbles, is giving me this error of placement. What should I do?