RE UPLOAD: Get a chance to vote on what Episode makes next

I made a forum suggesting Episode staff take a more proactive approach to hearing our collective voices, in that they should hold a poll every week before an update so we can vote on our desired update. I hoped that this will put a stop to the abundance of angry comments that happen every time a new art release is made. I also hoped that it would help the creators feel more heard instead of having their comments deleted every time they speak negatively about the new update.

I think this would be a better more clear way to communicate with the staff that creates assets for the creators who make their content. For more information click the link below and if you like this idea, also consider supporting it :heart:


I understand wanting to find away to stop the flood of angry comments for each update, but I don’t think this is the best solution and would be hard to implement and then monitor. I know assets sometimes take weeks of testing, etc. before they’re read to be released for starters so I week would not be enough time for them to get the poll’s results ready :grimacing: And the way I see it, liking the threads in the feature + art suggestions sections of the forums is our way of telling Episode what we all want the most. The more likes and support on one thread, the more seriously they consider the suggestion or the quicker they start working on it


I agree.

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I wouldn’t mind if it took more time. The more time it takes the better the quality. I’d rather have high quality things, that lazy recolors that don’t even layer right. No shade, still loved the underwear update.

Well, I kind of expand on this idea in my forum post, this is just a basic summary of the idea and dosen’t really give the full effect. Basically the system would go like this. People would still submit their suggestions and the Episode team would still look at the forums who got the most votes and then give EVERYBODY including people who might have missed the suggested feature post, the chance to vote on one of like three of the top voted ideas.

This way more people are represented in the final decision on what to make. The suggested forum thing is really hit or miss in it’s results. Your posted feature could get buried if you don’t keep reposting it and that is a lot of time to dedicate to an idea out of most people’s busy schedule. Taking time everyday just to repost your idea and get more likes. It also doesn’t account for the tons of people who aren’t online when a feature is suggested leaving a lot of people out of the loop. So people like me and many other’s didn’t even know what the next update would be because we weren’t there when the underwear forum got all those upvotes. A lot of people don’t even get to vote on the next update because they aren’t actively scrolling the forums page everyday.

Also the amount of likes on a suggestion doesn’t definitively dictate that more people want the update over other updates. It’s just that this particular forum just happened to be seen the most through out the week. A lot of people were dissatisfied because if they had been given a choice (which they weren’t) they would have voted for something else. The majority felt this way too, meaning that the votes didn’t actually reflect what the majority wanted.

This system fluctuates depending on what people see and don’t see in their feed when they log on, they can only heart what they are capable of finding meaning that literally anything can be top voted if posted at the right time. This is an obvious problem as it means a lot of voices are actually not being heard. My suggestion is that, before Episode goes through with making something that may or may not actually voted by the majority, they post a poll with the 3 top choices for a new art reales so that more people can voice their opinion meaning less people get mad when it actually comes out and they had no say in it. Since Episode is it’s own feed and incapable of being buried or going unseen more people get to make decisions rather than just whoever is around at the time. They may actually find that what they thought was top voted is at the bottom of the list when more people get to vote on the final project. I mean this is a problem, I am just suggesting one way to fix it.

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Yeah, I read your other topic and a lot of people who contributed to the other thread made some really good points too, but I just feel like the “like & support” method is the one Episode has chosen to work with and it’s been mostly fine up until recently… And tbh, I can actually see a lot of problems that could arise from the poll idea too. Such as when the voting comes in really close and when 50% of people want one thing and the other 50% want a different thing, I can just see the new arguments that would come up from situations like that.


I really think everything is fine the way it is.

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Yeah, but at least those agurements would come from more people who actually get to voice their opinion and not immediately get shut down by Episode administrators because they aren’t happy with an update they had no say in. More representation of the people who support Episode and it’s creators is always better. Sure if you only let only twenty people vote then it’s less likely for people to disagree than if you let 100 people vote. Besides there are probably forums that get the same if not similar amounts of votes. I think it would then just be up to Epsiode to call it at that point. Sure some will be mad but agureably a lot less than before because they actually got to speak this time. Also, if enough people vote for this system in addition to their system there is no way they can deny it. After all their system is deeply flawed and only gives the illusion of choice to a select few, which is not fair to everyone else.

You don’t need a say in every single update. That’s like Apple saying "Hey guys, we are working on a new phone what all do you want?

And plus the forums ask for this stuff that Episode gives us.

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That’s cool. I’m not here to force you to change your mind. Your opinion is valid. But if you did agree here is a place where you could support the idea is all I’m saying.


Well Apple actually does get parodical feedback from their users through surveys. I should know I own an apple computer. With this same logic if you were getting a bunch of bug reports on Apple products they wouldn’t just ignore it. They would recognize that a large portion of their users are unhappy with the way their product works and make a significant change. That’s the way good business works. There is a difference between a few upset people and a bunch of upset people who you have to block because of how upset they are constantly. Why even voice your opinion if no one is listening? Yeah, the forums ask for the stuff but the forums are still voted on by only a fraction of the people who actually use the stuff that’s voted on. More people should get a say or at least have the choice.


But, Episode does listen to us. They listen to a group. Plus I don’t think Episode blocks us, I know they can take criticism.

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This is where I think we differ.

Because for starters I don’t believe this is the kind of arguments we would see. Let’s say there 's a poll with three options…I imagine there would be a major amount of people who would start commenting with “why don’t you release all three?” Then there would be arguments about what actually makes it into the polls. Or why something from the week before wouldn’t be in the following week’s poll, and so on and so forth. There’s always going to be reasons for people to argue or complain no matter what Episode changes.

I was trying to find where I saw it explained before to link it, but the topic is closed so I can’t quote it. However @/Liz has said

Since some of you may not know, our art team is small and we work off of a pipeline of requests. In addition to creating the assets that we are able to release to you, our art team also makes things for stories that are in the works. Sometimes it can take several months for an asset to get made once its in the art pipeline because there are just so many things to create. I can assure you our art team works as fast as they can.

So with Episode doing these like a type of production pipeline my understanding is that every feature request thread that gets made here is consideredby the team and then if they want to actually go ahead with it, they add it to the queue. It’s not a case of fast tracking something just because it has the most likes - the likes are just a handy way to see that x amount of people think this is important.


Yeah, a group depending on who’s online at the time. What if I want a say in what Episode works on next but I wasn’t online at the exact time the forum I probably would have hearted and voted for is now buried under some other posts and I don’t see it? That new art release that I might have really wanted doesn’t get made because of when I decided to log on. It might never get made and the next art release is an art release I kind of wanted a little but got made anyway because I saw it and voted on it and so did some other people but really it wasn’t all that important to me, I just happened to see it and was like “yeah sure”. And enough people were like “yeah sure” for it to get made instead of a bunch of other cool ideas that some people didn’t see.
Also, did you never notice all the comments that get removed every art realease? People have to blur their opinion or they get flagged by administration. Three flags and your account gets banned.

I guess my thing is, some people still won’t be happy because the specific thing they asked for isn’t there, or they lost out just because one choice got a small amount of extra votes.

I have definitely seen threads where people asked for underwear assets. Yet last week, there were a few people who upset by the update and said that “nobody asked for this.”

I think that it could increase participation if it’s done this way, but I don’t think there’s any stopping angry comments. Because at the end of the day, some people are not going to get what they want.


Also just want to say that this isn’t true lol.
I takes way more than three flags to get completely banned from the forum.

Say what you will about the flagging system, but I remember a time when people complained about certain users who we’re constantly flagged and suspended but never banned.


I really don’t see how this makes sense. I think you’re referring to a “Bump”. Plus you’re always going to miss out on stuff in life.

I’ve gotten 12 flags this week Due to drama but I’m not banned? Plus, I’m not fully taking up for Episode. But I think they said the comments were deleted because their computer automatically deletes spam.

In the end, Episode is already doing this in a way. Plus if they made polls, we wouldn’t get the little stuff.

Hey Guys, it’s the Episode Team. Today we are making a poll on what you want!

  • Socks
  • Swimsuits
  • Pajamas

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Ppl will still be upset because it isn’t what they wanted and it would cause even more drama


Luckily for you and others who feel this way, that’s not how it’s decided. And people who want whatever asset can easily search to see if there’s a thread already made for it and add their support/bump it. That’s why this section of the forums is so specific with it’s titles too.

It is not all comments that get flagged. It’s off topic and inappropriate ones. I know some people feel like they “all” get deleted, but if people are asking for hair updates on a thread about an underwear update, then it’s off topic. I think most people can understand that


Yeah, i understand that Episode is small. I also understand it must be really hard for those small hard working people to get blind sided every art release by a large majority saying that “no body asked for this update”. Like geez, I feel bad for them and they don’t deserve to be talk to that way by the people on this websight, but like also these people have an opinion and they don’t feel like they are being heard. Lets’s say they do, do this three option thing right? Episode sees the top voted options from the forums users make. Decides from those which three they would consider making. Make a small post allowing the people to decided which one they like the best, and then go through with making the one most people like. Maybe there will be some people who don’t grasp the concept of the work load who complain but if Episode is just transparent about the fact that they feel one of these three options are the most possible for them right now I’m pretty sure most people would be more understanding and less complainy about it. This also makes sure that they get less hate when the update actually comes out. People already know what to expect so they are less disappointed when it’s released. Episode actually knows what the majority of people would like instead of guessing based of faulty shifty numbers and more people (not all) are happy because even though they didn’t get exactly what they wanted this release they got a say in what gets made instead of being ignored for one group of thirty people.

Well if you don’t know a forum exsists in the first place then how are you going to find it to vote on it? I didn’t even know there was a forum for underwear and it turns out there were actually like three. How would I have known that? I wasn’t online when any of those three forums were posted so they got buried. That should tell you how much you can miss when you’er offline. At least send out a notification when a new feature is suggested so I have a chance to see if it is something I might want. When i said “all” I didn’t literally mean all. I meant “a lot” meaning there are quite a few. And some of them aren’t off topic they are just saying they don’t like the art release or they wish it had been something else. Which is a matter of opinion and people should be allowed to speak freely about it. If they aren’t happy, flagging their post won’t fix it.