RE UPLOAD: Get a chance to vote on what Episode makes next

Since, it’s a big deal to you about missing stuff while offline, just make a thread saying

FEATURE: Notifications From Episode Updates

Plus, it’s not Episode’s fault you’re offline and you miss stuff.


I’d have to find the post showing the specific times, but Episode usually releases the assets on a schedule, so you can expect these posts to appear within that timeframe.


When They Update!


Yep, that’s the one! Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem :wink:

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Yeah, “bump” “support” “heart”, there are a few names. Yeah but “stuff”, shouldn’t mean a bunch of people don’t get a say while some do. That’s wrong an immoral. I could understand if they at least got a chance to vote but oops, they didn’t. It should be Episodes priority to hear the most amount of people they possibly can of their fan base. Even if people don’t want to vote, they should at least have the option. And everything may be fine and dandy for the few that get a say, but it’s not for the large amount who don’t, thus where the hate comes from. I’ve heard a lot of people say they got their account got banned and they aren’t even sure why. Maybe it differs from person to person idk but it’s still not cool to get flagged for saying a personal opinion. Also the options wouldn’t just be socks or something most likely. Could be one of the themes they usually do like , fantasy, or Drama, or, summer. They would most likely make it themed so they can make a variety of stuff

They do that already.

Amber made a really good point! It’s logical.

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They really don’t. I already explained why

People won’t always get a say. You will miss out on stuff. This way is working perfectly already.

I’m not talking about the assets. I’m talking about the suggested feature forums that people post, so people at least have the option if they want to go online and bump it or whatever

But everyone has a chance to say. The threads in feature + art suggestions don’t get closed so even someone who signed up to the forums 15 minutes ago can like and support a thread that was created last year if they wanted too. I just don’t think the current process is as limited as you seem to think it is.

I agree that there needs to be some improvements with some things episode does, but the way they consider what features to build and release first is not one of them.


Most ppl will miss out on the polls as they do with the "likes “supports” and “bumps”, so I don’t see a good change.

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I guess I misunderstood then.

If you want to support new threads in that forum, you could watch or track the forum.

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But it’s not tho, Isn’t that made evident by the amount of people who complain about it every Art release? Yeah but like why? It honestly doesn’t have to be that way. People could have a say and it wouldn’t even be that much of an imposition on the team. If things are fine the way they are then why are so many people getting flagged and so many people are upset every update. Maybe because the system isn’t working well enough and people are getting left out? Just looking at a system that doesn’t work and going “oh well” is just neglectful. And the team wonders why this site is so negative. It’s because people’s opinions are bing willingly ignored

People are upset because they aren’t getting what they want and it can’t always be that way. People are getting flagged for these reasons

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I can’t watch something I don’t know about is what I’m saying. When the forum is first made there is no way I could know about it unless I am there. Thus I can’t even consider it as an option. Thus I can not vote on it to be the next update, thus I get absolutely no say in the ending result when the Art release comes. Thus i’m mad because I feel like I got no say in the end result. Thus I throw unwarranted salt at the poor creators who did nothing wrong. What would fix this? “Oh look the administrators posted another poll on what they might work on for the art release this month” “Wow I didn’t even know this was an option, I must have missed it!” “I kind of don’t like any of these options that much but I think this one is the best” *art release happens " Oh man I didn’t get the one I wanted but at least I might get to vote on it next month, maybe I will even find one that I like even more!"

Less salt thrown at the creators because I saw before hand which poll go the most votes so I already knew the outcome. Just a thought.

Thus, it sounds like you have a lot of problems, Episode can’t control most of the time. Thus, you’re missing out on stuff, Episode can’t control that!! That’s life you miss stuff.

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Yeah I went a little crazy when the "thus"s. You act like all of this is just way out of Episode’s control but like they are the ones who created the system we use now that doesn’t function that well so yes they do have control over it. Is it so wrong to say that something else might work better? Also, it’s not just me that feels this way. It’s a lot of people which is why I am trying to get Episode thinking about a way to fix it in the first place. Just because something’s been in place for a long time doesn’t mean it works well. It may be that the majority of people just feel like they aren’t able to change it when in fact they are. Also you can’t just add an absolute to things saying “that’s just life” when it really isn’t. That may be life but this is a websight that has complete control over what people do and don’t see. All you have to do is make an effort.

Yeah, but when it’s a lot of people like over half your fan base maybe consider you might be doing something wrong instead of doubling down on a system the majority of people hate. If they at least listened to a good amount of people rather than a minute few we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. They would probably have the majority of people actually like the system and there would be no problem.

  • Episode can NOT control "You getting updates on your device every time you miss a feature"
  • Episode can NOT control "When you are offline and you miss stuff"

Nothing needs to be fixed, you’re just being a little dramatic on missing stuff.

In this case, it does work well.

Because “it is life” they can’t control when you miss a feature. That takes some coding and it is really unneeded.

I could be missing a feature right now, I should tell the Episode Team to fix this problem.

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