RE UPLOAD: Get a chance to vote on what Episode makes next

They listen to a group, I said this.

am I the only one who doesn’t really care what they update? I think it’s amazing that they give us new clothes every week and even if it’s a recolor of some sort, it’s something!


But you did say this:

If you want to get notifications for this you can activate it by “watching” it.


I agree.


I’m not always a fan of the updates, but l do enjoy seeing them come out.

It gives me an opportunity to plan outfits for my characters that better match their personalities.


They won’t if they know they are happening. A lot of people are there for the Art realeases. If they hear they can vote on what possibly gets made next, it’s every likely that the same amount of people will show up to vote. The administration forum is on the home page. People check it all the time for updates, they will defiantly see the poll a lot more than just in a regular feed with a million other posts. Otherwise how would people know about those competitions that happen spastically through out the year? About the same amont of people know about those simply because it’s on the home page


Aren’t Features already on the homepage?


I don’t see the problem when you can see “Features” anytime.

There is your solution…

Gosh, I can’t believe that’s a real thing. That seems like such an imposition on peoples lives to constantly have to go back through suggested feature forums just to have a semblance of a voice in something. When i said that, I meant at the very least they could do that but it seems improbable given how many suggested features get posted everyday. I can’t really see anyone going through all of them in a day and reading each one of them and bumping them just so the ones they actually care about get a fighting chance. It would be nice if the administration let you pick from like a line up of three and you could choose from one of those, so that for those who do actually have the time to do that can up vote ones and bring them to your attention in said poll and you can pick from one of the most voted few. That way even though you have a busy hectic schedule you can take a little time out once a week to vote too and not be excluded completely. Also maybe you upvote a few when you have a chance to get online idk.

You still have to wade through a bunch of them, and lot of them you might not even like. Also how many people do you expect to go to this specific thread every time they are online and wade through the back log of suggestions every time? Some people don’t have time like that, and yet they should still have a way to be involved in the community. Like being able to vote on one of three choices from this Suggested features forum.

I see where you’re coming from, but there will still be people who are going to be upset. People will wonder why their thread wasn’t included in the lineup. Or they will wonder why a particular thread was included in a lineup. Or they’ll ask when they’ll include a certain thread. Or they’ll say all the topics are stupid and nobody wants them.

Even if Episode carries out this method, there will absolutely still be people who are unhappy. And if Episode pleases the people who feel like they’re unheard, there will still be another group of people who feel like they aren’t being heard.

Unfortantely, they won’t be able to please everyone. :woman_shrugging:


Are you serious right now?

It’s on the home page where everyone can see it.

If I didn’t make it clear this isn’t specifically only about me. I honestly don’t care if i miss a few things on this site. A lot of stuff here is worth missing. I do care that creators, like the literal Episode team who creates these assets, are being attacked every time an art update comes out. It may be fine to you because your not the one who works hard on updates all week just to be told what you did is crap by a majority of the people you create for. I don’t pretend to know how the Episode team feels about the hate, literally no one but them could say how they feel and even then . . . but a simple solution to lessen the hate would be to include more people in the decision making. At least in my opinion this would help and who knows maybe it would? If you don’t agree with this statement then that’s fine. You wouldn’t be if you didn’t spend your time debating with me over something you don’t agree with. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine and valid. What are you expecting me to do because you don’t agree with me? Change my opinion, I won’t because to me it makes sense and I do think there needs to be a change. You can’t convince me otherwise and that’s fine too. I’ve heard your agurment and i disagree. That’s all

It takes 5 seconds to scroll down, those 5 seconds won’t kill you.


…I have no words…

  1. I have lots of respect for them.
  2. Plus, the ppl are just giving harsh criticism and I know how it is hard for some updates.

Did you forget you have to read them too? Some of them are long and complicated, case in point. You can’t just bump if you don’t even really know what the post is about. You know what else wouldn’t kill anyone? A poll once a month to stream line this experience. You voted without having to read tweleve or more forums which not a lot of people are even going to do btw

You act like this takes 5 hours out of your day! It doesn’t take long to read.

The title says the feature, it isn’t hard at all.

A few things that are worth missing here include: People bullying each other, people stealing art, people saying other people’s opinions are “petty” or “stupid” just because they don’t agree rather than just moving on with their lives. Episode banning people for seemingly no reason. Episode forbiding people from complaining even in threads that don’t forbid it. People attacking the content creators, people flagging people’s post for no reason other than to bully them. And a lot of other toxic behavior. I mean most people are fine but seeing this is upsetting so I avoid it. If you know how hard it is than why are you opposing a n idea that might help with it? Even if it doesn’t fix it, which it most liely won’t that’s not realistic, at least it’s moving towards addressing the issue, which is more than anyone else is doing just letting it go on.

They aren’t banning ppl for no reason.

That’s the thing, this won’t help.

I don’t understand.

Why did you change the whole subject?

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I don’t know about you but I don’t have time to read through every last forum to pick and choose a few I like that other people won’t pay attention to because no one is doing that. It’s not realistic to think anybody is going to make the effort for decisions about a mobile app game they play between classes. I know Episode is life to some people but not to the majority of people because life is life enough. Most people really don’t have time to do that, it’s sad but true. I barely have time to remeber to eat in a day, I’m not going to spend that time scrolling through the suggested forum looking for new features I might want, that’s just not realistic. If you have the time, you should but they should respect not everybody does but they still want a say. Some of the most pronounced writers on Episode work full time jobs during the day. I guarantee you when they get time off that’s not what they want to do. And even then they would probably just work on their Episode instead.