RE UPLOAD: Get a chance to vote on what Episode makes next

You keep changing your points. You keep changing the subject. You say all this stuff and I give you the solution and then you say nobody has time for it. I’m done with you.

It takes a minute or two. Quit making it sound like life is sound hard when it’s not.

I was continuing to say things I don’t like about this website not changing the subject. Also you can’t definitively say that it won’t that is just your opinion and it’s not even based on anything. While I respect your right to have an opinion your opinion does not trump mine that it might. You say it won’t, i respectively disagree. What else is their to talk about?

Honestly, I was just giving logical points. Yes, I know you have an opinion. But to me “it won’t happen” because Episode doesn’t have time for the extra drama this will cause. Bye.

How would you know how hard my life is? How would you know how hard anyone’s life is but your own? This is an opinion not fact, I feel like you are getting the two mixed up. I’m just telling the truth, this is a hobbie, I do other things too you know, other websights and other people to talk to as well. I don’t want to spend all my time here. Also a minute or two is making it sound like you could do it super fast when in reality that’s an exaggeration too. I’m also just saying it’s not realistic that a majority of people want to do that while they might want to do other things.

Ok, that’s two opinions that are opposing and neither of us are going to change our minds. Might as well just agree to disagree.

I know how hard other’s lives are because I think about it from time to time. And when I said

I meant episode-life wise.

I never said you didn’t have any other things to do.

I’ve been doing this for too long. Bye.

You can’t know unless you are omnipotent and I’m going to assume you are not. I think about other people’s lives too but I don’t just assume that I know what their schedule is like because i honestly don’t and you couldn’t either. Is Episode a life style? I’m not really all that familiar. I assumed people didn’t take it that seriously but maybe they do idk. Well that’s why I probably won’t read through all those forums all the time.

Alright bye ~

That’s realistic and I respect that, but I really do feel this could help. It’s not to make “everyone” happy. Just more than is happy right now. Also the answer to all of those question would be the same. “because it didn’t get enough votes” this would encourage people to campaign ideas they really really like more! Getting them more exposure and more people who have a chance to see the forum, like it and bump it. Whoever campaigns the most and get the word out there more will get the most votes an be picked at the end, just how it works now. Excpet it will be twice as likely people see it. At least in theory. I feel like maybe it’s worth a try

First of all, I never guessed their schedule, since you are on the forums, why not look at the features if that’s what you wanted?

I can’t know how hard people’s lives are? Because I do

You are making the littlest things complicated. If your schedule is busy, fine! You can see it when wanted


Second that’s not what I meant, Episode life is a hobby, and some ppl take episode seriously.

It seems I was incorrect, Episode can control you get a notification from features.

Ombre hair, or Heterochromia. (Two different colored eyes)

Can we ask for more cultural outfits?