Re-write a story

Have you never started to create the first chapter of a story, then slowly realized how you don’t like the plot and how bad it was coming out? Then delete all you’ve done until now and start from the start with a new plot?

Because it happened to me with one story.

Two times


Story of my life. This happened to me pretty recently: I thought of a story, planned it out, created characters and outfits, started writing, and halfway through the first chapter had a sudden epiphany that I should make it a historical piece. So I had to go back in time 100 years and change everything accordingly…


Oof, that sucks. Especially because it’s so much effort to make the script :scream:

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Every single time I attempt get the first chapter done, it happens to me.

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I can relate, I changed from a story about a band, then a research group for this missing girl and then a completely different story with even different art style about a dude who’s the sea guardian.

I mean, seems logic, no?


This is happening to me right now. I wrote 6 ep and now I rewrite them all…

Good luck with that.

Thank you!

Every time basically aha.

It happens often to me, I’m trying to write some stories but everytime I always change idea, from an adventure story to a comedy :sweat: I’m glad I’m not the only one ahah :joy:

Yes multiple times but it’s good that you don’t rush your story. c: