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So I’m using the points system and have made a dressing game. They must have 4 points in order to wear a special outfit, if they have less than that they wear a basic outfit. When wearing the special outfit for the first time I want the love interest to react nicely, and I want him to react negatively to the basic outfit. I’ve followed many guides but no matter which outfit I’m wearing it always goes to the negative response. How can I stop this?

I will also mention that I tried to use gains as well using Dara’s guides but encountered the same issue.

I’ve been at this for soooo long so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Try something like this

And now let's see if you have enough points for a special outfit.

 if (FLORENCE =4 {
@FLORENCE changes into outfit_1

Yes, you unlocked the special outfit.

@FLORENCE enters from right to screen right
@FLORENCE is caugh
@MARCO is react_holdface_happy

    MARCO (talk_flirt_smile_shiftweight)
Wow, you look gorgeous!

    MARCO (flirt_lookaway_bashful)
I knew that dress was a good choice.

    MARCO (talk_explain_natural)
I had it custom made for you.

} else {

I'm sorry, but you don't have enough points for the special outfit.

@FLORENCE changes into outfit_2

@FLORENCE enters from right to screen right
@FLORENCE is caugh
@MARCO is sigh_disappointed

    MARCO (talk_exhausted)
That's what you wanna wear?

    MARCO (talk_exhausted)
So be it, I guess.


Can you send the part of your script where the character chooses the outfit?

That part is further up where the character gets to originally choose the outfit. The image attached is just the code for the reaction

The second screenshot links to the one from the original post

I updated my prevous reply. Try a script like this.

The problem is that in the reaction part, you are using gains, but you never made your character gain it, so that’s why you are only seeing the negative reaction.


Thank you, I think my script is just a very complicated version of that.

This is my first story so it’s a bit of a learning curve. Thank you for the help :smiley:

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You’re welcome! :green_heart:
I have already 3 stories so I know a thing or two about coding. :sweat_smile:

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