Read 4 Read and help each other with reader retention CLOSED

Hey guys,
So as new/small author we all want to get as many reads. But the downside to r4r’s is that it brings down the reader retention.
I’ve done a few longer read4reads and I’ve seen my position go up.
Because of this I’m really looking for longer r4r’s

(You are always welcome to request a shorter r4r, but longer ones have more priority)
(If we al ready did a r4r and you want to continu let me know)

Because I’ve been ghosted a couple of time on this thread we’ll send SS every few chapters. To make sure we both read enough chapters

So here is my story info and just let me know

Title: The Popular one and the badboy
Author: Mutya
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 20 (more coming soon)
Summary: Karissa is a rich girl who has everything, but still is lonely. Cam is a struggeling loner who has lost to much already When they meet can they help each other find happiness instead of loneliness and lose. Or will your differences and your friends tare you apart
Style: Limelight


I’m interested in a longer R4R

Title: Conning the Billionaires Daughter
Style limelight
Episodes 10 and more to com
Spencer is a professional con artist, Isela is his biggest job yet. Can he steal her fortune before she steals his heart?


Sounds good, we could do 10 since you have 10 out?
I’ll start yours today and send SS when I’m done.

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As soon as I know how many chapters I’ll be able to start.

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Hey sorry I haven’t been on 10 is great


I’ll be able to start yours later today

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Hi, I’d love to do an R4R. I only have 4 chapters out rn. I would greatly appreciate some feedback, I just published this. :slight_smile:
Title: Planet X
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Style: LL
Description below.


I’ll read it and I’ll send SS and feedback in a DM
It can take a couple of days since I got a few r4r’s

Great! I don’t have an Instagram yet so we’ll have to communicate through here rn. I will read your story soon and get back to you!

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Just wanted to let you know I read the first 5 chapters. I really like it so far.
Will continu after my passes refill.

And I finished

I started yours will send screen shots soon!!!

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Hey did you have time to send the SS yet?

Sorry it took so long been a bit I’ll

I’d love to do r4r!
Title: Eternal Love
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 6
Description Mila gets a job opportunity at the De Santis mansion in Cancun. Will she be able to stay away from cold hearted Jonah

Hey, I’m currently revamping my story a bit.
So yeah I would love to do a r4r but it would be somewhere next week? @AMY20

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Okay !

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I can DM you when I’m done revamping

@PsychoOB & @a.bstories
I haven’t seen any SS yet.
Could you send them please

Sorry that it took a while! Loving it so far!

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