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Hi Everyone… I love to read and love to write myself. I am in a read for read and would like to continue. I want to create a read for read thread and give you review of your story.
Note: I will be honest with you but I will not be cruel or mean about it. I just want to promote my episode and also help with your rank also.
Rules they are simple and have to be followed…

  1. Promote your story…
    You can promote your story and let other knows it is out there…
    Some of the Info I will Need.
    Name of your Story…
    Author Name…
    Story Description-
    Story Cover - (if you have one)
  2. How many Episode I can read?
    I can read 5 episode of your story. if there is 5 available. I will put your name and Date on a waiting list for when I will start your story.
  3. Read my Story this is a read for read
    You have to read at least 3 to 5 of my episode and you have to post a screen shot of the story when you finish I will display example of what the screen shot as to look.
  4. Follow me on Instagram @brandipetry2011 and yes I will follow you back. I would like the screenshot of my story to sent to dm on my insta if you dont have Insta that is ok you can post screen shot here on the forums.
  5. Be patient
    I am a very busy with my business, I run my own business and I would tuesday through friday until 5 pm and I also write my own Episode. another note is I have to let my passes build up.

6 How many times ca you send a review?
Well, as many time you like If I already read and sent you review of your first 5 chapters then you want get another review until you update the next chapters.

  1. Waiting List
    Everyone starts on a waiting list, There are 5 slots 1-5. The waiting list consist of first replied will be number 1. I will edit and put done by all the ones that I Have sent a review too and update the list when a slot is cleared.

Waiting List !!!


Name of Story: The Necklace of Doom
Author Name: Brandi Petry
Story Description: Lily is a witch.
9 weyears ago she lost her parents, when she discovers that they were murdered she moves backf to Seattle. Only to find that there is more than just witches.
Genre: Fantasy
Story Cover:

Cover was created by @GiaCereni


I would love to do R4R with you
Here is my story details
Title -Hidden Weapon
She was hidden from the world for so long but now she has to take the crown… how will everyone react when a non existing mafia princess becomes the Queen overnight…|ART| |CC|
Chapter - 12(more coming)
Genre - drama/ action


Ig- epi_swagatika

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I’m up for r4r!

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Episodes: 12
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


Thanks :hugs:

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waiting lists

  1. The Unwanted (6/27/22) I will be starting this story

cant wait to start the stories
I will be starting Hidden Weapon tonight

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Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :heart:

Title: Heroic: Some Kind Of Bliss
Author: Shinzy

Story Description

Rosa is unemployed, single, and living with a nightmare sister. Will her life turn around, when she falls for Seven Wilson - a hot security manager, but who’s impossible to get?

(Full cc, points-based choices, dressing games, mini games, bonus scenes, character points, artwork)

Some Kind Of Bliss link

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Shinzy

Story Description

Athan Raynor is dangerous, powerful, & everything you’re against. You exist to eliminate his kind, but will you be sucked into his darkness, under his thrall, or will you prevail?

(Full cc, choices, adv directing, artwork)

Eat Stake link

Hey, everyone :blush:
Thank you for this and I’m up for R4R
This is my new story if you are interested in a Mystery story
Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 5 (ongoing)
Description: All you wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. you realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. something terrible is going on around you and your friends, will you be able to find it? the most important thing is
will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : red877.episode

I just updated my story, I would appreciate if you read it :blob_hearts:

Title - The Magic School
Author - Silver
Insta - _silver.shade71 / _silver.epi

Genre - Fantasy/Mystery
Story Style - Limelight
Chapters - 9 (no wait)
Description - Magic, does it exist? You got to know that you’re the most powerful magical but with that comes secrets. Will you be able to handle the pressure? |CC| Games| LI

Link - (Episode Writer Portal)

Don’t forget to share your opinions on my insta Dm :heart:
(pm me)

I like to do r4r with you if you like😊

I’m up for R4R and promoting my story

Author name : hipsy_writes
Story Title : OV: THE HIDDEN TRUTH (Where I’m From)
Genre : Drama
Description : In a town, where women belong to the kitchen and are made housewives. Chadsela embarks on a journey to achieve her goals no matter what. Will she succeed?
Instagram name : @hipsy_writes
Chapters Published : **3 chapters published and more coming soon **
story link : Episode Writer Portal