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Hey! Great, I followed you back on IG do when I’m done I’ll post your story on my account if you post mine on yours.

About helping you with music, I struggle with music too so I probably can’t help you with that but I’ll just do a review in general.

I will send your feeback through PM on here.

I’ll read your story as soon as I can. In the meantime, PM me my review as leave me fanmail please! :wink:

Sure, will do! Do you have a preference of what you want me to post on IG? If you send me a specific picture or screenshot I can post them then.

Please, send me screenshots from the last chapter of my story and I will do the same for you to prove that I have completed your story.

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Post the bit with the episode description please. :blush:

Okay, cool. :slight_smile:

Title(s): I am Dating a Liar
Author Name: Amiara
Style: Ink
Mobile or Online Creation: Online
Instagram name: sandy_candy6238
Story Description:Ava had horrible past so she is afraid to date anyone. She started working in new company where her boss try to get her so she lied to ignore her boss that she is already dating.
Episodes Released: 3 but updated two

Read 4 Read (yes/no?): yes
Review 4 Review (yes/no?: yes
Where you want to receive your feedback: @instagram account
Would you like me to review something specific (and what?): where I can improvise?

Thank you

Thanks, I’ll get onto your story after Alex_Af’s. :slight_smile:

Story: Brook is looking for a clue
Style: Ink
Genre: Mystery
Author: Maria
Short description; Brook is fond of detectives but what will she do when her teacher is found dead?
It’s already completed and has only 4 episodes,I’m looking forward for your feedback.
Read 4 Read yes
Review 4 Review yes

Hi. I don’t think I got your fanmail. Who did you send it as, I’m guessing Kayluss as that’s your episode profile user? :thinking:

Will get onto your story as soon as possible. :wink: In the meantime, read and PM me my review and leave me fanmail please. :slight_smile:

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@Maria505 Sent you your review. PM me mine and leave me fanmail please. :wink:

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It should be as kails

Oh, I meant to leave feedback in my fanmail. The customisation is meant to be like that.


I sent you your review through PM. :wink:

Sure. Please be patient, I have a few unread stories to review still. :slight_smile:

Sent you your review. PM me mine and leave me fanmail please! :wink:

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