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All done!

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Sure! I start once I got the screenie :hugs:

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Alright :smiley:
Iโ€™ll start reading yours then. Kindly add your story on my list. (The link is below.)


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Title: Eyes On You:
Author: Dani Olugbile
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: Two well-known schools of Beverly Hills merge together. But you did not expect Parker Anderson, the school heartthrob, to have his eyes on you.
Style: INK
Episodes: 4 (Regular Updates!)

Iโ€™ll be so thankful if you go check it out!

Iโ€™m Alex and I just published my new story and i would love to hear your thoughts. You can also dm me on instagram if you like it! @alex.woods27

Title: Octoberโ€™s Love
Author: Alex Woods
Genre: Adventure
Episodes: 4 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: October is living a cozy-perfect life with her mother Allina. What happens when their life takes an unexpected turn?
Link: 1 2

Hereโ€™s the cover for my story:

1527026333245.jpg1260x1740 1.08 MB

Happy reading! ! :slight_smile:

:smiley: ty for your feedback and Iโ€™m glad you liked it!

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If you want a R4R then I start your story once youโ€™ve read mine :blush:

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If you want R4R then I read your story once youโ€™ve read mine :blush:

All done :blush:

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I just finished reading your story :grin:

Hereโ€™s mine:
Title: Living Together
Author: Shonana
Genre : Drama
Episodes: 4 (more to be published soon)
Summary of story: Itโ€™s about three inseparable best friends living together in a big city. A handsome hunk waltzes in their lives and shakes the foundation of their friendship.
Link to the story: 2
Instagram: episode.shonana

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Amazing! I read yours asap!

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Thank you so much :smiley:
Iโ€™ll let you know when Iโ€™m done with yours xoxoxox.

Hey I recently read your story and heres the proof Send me screenshot when you are done reading , ive already published 10 episodes

Heres my story
Title: the story of bella
Genre: drama,mystery
Style : Ink
Description :Bella is living a normal life, receiving weird texts. She never liked rich people because of their ruthless altitude. Is Dave going to be the one whoโ€™s going to save her.
Link :.

Ahh thatโ€™s great and yes Iโ€™d love to read yours! Though with school and all Iโ€™m quite busy these days so it may take time for me to read. So if you dont wanna read mine Iโ€™ll surely understand! :slight_smile:

Hey, Iโ€™m down for a R4R :grinning:
Title: Skaiโ€™s Stories
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 4 (More coming soon!)
Insta: Mystery.episode


Hey! Iโ€™m gonna read i med week since Iโ€™m on vacation right now!

Hey! Iโ€™m gonna read i med week since Iโ€™m on vacation right Now :star2:

Hey! Iโ€™m gonna read i med week since Iโ€™m on vacation right now! Also I start reading once youโ€™ve sent w proof :star2:

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Hey! Iโ€™m gonna read yours today! Iโ€™m not able to screenshot it today due to my homebutton are broken, Iโ€™m gonna chnage it tomorrow so I send you the screenie then here! :star_struck: