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Story Title- Retaliation
Episodes- 9 (On going)
Summary- Rose lived a simple life with her grandfather, all she ever wanted was a simple life till she met Daniel and started working for his family. Life wasn’t as simple as Rose taught as she discovered how corrupt and ruthless Daniel’s family is. Rose choose to do the right thing by reporting to the police but Daniel’s family resorted to violence and killed Rose. Rose was given a second chance by the Guardian Angel to come back to life but with a new identity. Rose later claims the identity of a powerful rich woman and seeks vengeance. How far will she go for revenge?

Hey there, I would love to do a read for read with you
Title: Fantastical: My unreal world
They cast a spell in you.
You need to take care of 4 worlds.
And you can’t trust anyone.
What will you do when everything around you go against you?
My instagram: @episode.tssy

Sure I will read your story now.

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Also me and I will send screenshots to your IG

My IG is episode_saka

I’ll do a read for read with you.
Author: KandieCane
Story Title: A Juggling Game
Genre: Romance, Drama
Style: INK
Story Description: Kara is a full-time student, intern for a top stylist iun the world, and maintains relationships. Is she able to keep up?
Story Link:
Instagram: kandiecane6703

I read your story already and I sent you a picture on instagram.
Good- A new plot line (Very new and original)
Improvement- Your directing needs a lot of improvement
Recommendation- Joseph Evans on Youtube channe;

Your story sounds interesting,I would be okay with doing a read for read with you!
I’ll be willing to give you feedback too
Here’s my story link: 5
My story is called “Trouble In Princess Paradise”
Princess Rose, always had everything she’s desired.What happens when the Solar Eclipse happens and strange things begin occuring?Will Rose be able to keep the 4 kingdoms together?
My instagram is : rosina.episode

I will read your story today!

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I’ll send you a screenshot of your story on your Instagram account :kissing_heart:

Story title: Fantastical: “Ethereal Spark”
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Chhaya
Description: You found out a precious stone that make changes in your life and you’re happy with it. Will you able to overcome the consequences laid by it? CC (INK)
Instagram: author.chhaya

Hi I’m Venus and here is my story I really hope you like it :blush:

Story title: REPUTATION
Author: Venus
Instagram: episode.venuss
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Style: INK
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Story description: Auora is a super famous and talented actress but her past is coming after her. Past that she manged to survive and build a whole new life out of it. Will it all break down or will she manged to survive again. Her love life and her friendships do you think it’ all about REPUTATION? Welcome to her adventure…