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Hello everybody!


I’m opening my big reading club. What is it? Simple. It’s read 4 read. Practically speaking, you read the stories of others while they read yours. The first wave will be of 15 stories in total. I will take requests for r4r throughout the form I publish. Basically, after this wave every participant will get +70 reads. Not too bad, huh? But you will have to read 14 stories, one story a day for 2 weeks. I will do a new wave every 2 weeks.
There will be rules, of course, which I’m going to share a bit later. I’m going to create the list of stories to read which will be sent to all the participants.
After reading all the stories, we’ll pick the winner story by anonymous questionary, and everybody who participated would do a shoutout for this story.
To submit:

  1. Your story should have at least 5 episodes. When you publish 5 episodes more you can submit for the next wave, then again and again and again.
  2. You have to read the stories and send me the screenshots daily. You will have 2 weeks and 14 stories, 5 episodes a day. If you can’t/don’t think you can/any other reason/ read and only want to gain the reads, don’t bother. ‘Ghosters’ will be publicly shamed. And it will be a very ‘black’ shoutout.
  3. It doesn’t matter how many reads you got.

And it’s alright if you don’t have IG! You can participate anyway!

I’d like to continue doing this as many times as I can!
If you have any questions, you’re very very welcome to dm me.


In case you’re interested :wink::kissing_heart:


I have two episodes fixed on my first story you can read those two while I work on my third episode

Read my story please it’s promising

Title: a Race to Remember
Genre: Action/Romance

Here’s my first story the story will continue but right now just read the first episode and the second episode I haven’t fixed the third episode yet

Sure. As soon as you send the screen shots proving you read my first 2 episodes, I’ll read yours.:slight_smile:
here’s my link:

Title : I’m not scared
Author : Lynxx
Genre : Drama (Romance & College)
Style : Limelight

Suddenly all your ex-crush/lovers is going in the same school. Would you survive your school year & focus on your career or you’ll just end up with a broken dream & a broken heart?

PM me the screen shots of my first 2 chapter and I definitely read yours

Ok I will read it today

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DM me if want R4R with Me :wink:

Aaand you can read the text I published earlier, it says it all :wink:
You can fill the form if you agree with the rules :slight_smile:

I will add more stories after I finish fixing the third episode

Here’s screenshots of the first episode and second episode

Thank you I’ll start on your now and send you the screen shots :blush:

Ok your welcome

Here you go

Ok were the characters on top of each or not

In some scenes yes.

Ok I am going to fix one right now

In this scene the characters weren’t on top when I went to it

Well i don’t know what to tell you, it’s the way they appear in my app :confused: