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Hey, I’m Astro. This is a R4R link where I will check out your stories if you check out mine. :))

Title - The Prince
Authors - Aubrey and S. Symon
Chars - LL
CC or no? - Yes CC
Genre - Fantasy/Romance


Btw if anyone has IG, plz promote us there…

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Hey guys, I can’t remember some of the stories that were on my list for R4R. If you see this and I said I would read your story, Plz just message me on here and give me the name of your story. I only remember 5 and I was supposed to have 8. Also, I have a field trip at my school tomorrow, so expect screenshots that night. Have a good day. xoxo

Here are the stories -

  1. The Society
  2. My Unique Power
  3. Fragments of my Past
  4. The Lame Life of an Episodian
  5. Vampire Hunters Academy
  6. Crossed the Line

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