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The Darkness’s Touch by Julia

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I will deffo check it out! I loved episode 3! :slight_smile:


Hey so I just published my first story! It says four episodes but it’s just the first three pilot episodes that are completed. I’d love to do a R4R, i just want more tips on how to improve. Mine uses a lot of advanced directing and cool shots (well at least i think so haha) Anyways I’d just like to get it out there in hopes of knowing whether it’d be worth it to continue as it takes a lot of time and effort. Anyways here are the details :):grin:
Title: Undercover: Lies and Affairs - ONE
Author: D.K.
Chapters: 3 so far
Style: LL
Genre: Action (but it’s also got romance and drama)
**Description: ONE-
The fate of the world has come down to one choice. The World’s greatest Spy has to make a decision, but will she succeed or further her own destruction?
includes fight scenes





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