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Here is my first review for @Nierido!
Title: Let the demon inside
Author’s Name: Nierido

Plot (8/10): You have a unique plot. The set up for why Din ended up in the woods was a little weird (though that probably has to do with cop’s outfit lol.) I couldn’t understand why they would be looking for a body in the woods. At times, I would get confused about what was going on. However, most of the time I knew what was going on. The plot is unique and an interesting read.
Directing (9/10): You had a few mistakes with some directing. However, your directing with overlays were amazing! You did a great job with overlays.
Characters (7.5/10): Your characters were interesting and enjoyable to watch, but they could use more depth. I also think there should be more reason for Alison to love Leila besides “how beautiful she was” it seems shallow and doesn’t make me feel sympathy for him that she died. I would just add more characteristics and depth to make the love more believable.
Pacing (7/10): There were places in the story that dragged a little but overall the pacing was okay.
Spelling/Grammar (4/5): You said sole and solemaker instead of soul and soulmaker and had a few other mistakes.
Choices (5/5): You had choices that matter which helps the reader feel more involved in the story.

Overall (40.5/50): You have a good story with potential but with a little fixing it could easily become a great story. You have a unique plot, start of some good characters that with a little depth could be better, and great directing. I would recommend going back and fixing up the story a bit especially with the Leila thing, and the sole instead of soul but overall the story is pretty good.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any comments I said futher or want any tips on anything, you can always pm me and I will gladly help in anyway I can.