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Here is my first review for @Nierido!
Title: Let the demon inside
Author’s Name: Nierido

Plot (8/10): You have a unique plot. The set up for why Din ended up in the woods was a little weird (though that probably has to do with cop’s outfit lol.) I couldn’t understand why they would be looking for a body in the woods. At times, I would get confused about what was going on. However, most of the time I knew what was going on. The plot is unique and an interesting read.
Directing (9/10): You had a few mistakes with some directing. However, your directing with overlays were amazing! You did a great job with overlays.
Characters (7.5/10): Your characters were interesting and enjoyable to watch, but they could use more depth. I also think there should be more reason for Alison to love Leila besides “how beautiful she was” it seems shallow and doesn’t make me feel sympathy for him that she died. I would just add more characteristics and depth to make the love more believable.
Pacing (7/10): There were places in the story that dragged a little but overall the pacing was okay.
Spelling/Grammar (4/5): You said sole and solemaker instead of soul and soulmaker and had a few other mistakes.
Choices (5/5): You had choices that matter which helps the reader feel more involved in the story.

Overall (40.5/50): You have a good story with potential but with a little fixing it could easily become a great story. You have a unique plot, start of some good characters that with a little depth could be better, and great directing. I would recommend going back and fixing up the story a bit especially with the Leila thing, and the sole instead of soul but overall the story is pretty good.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any comments I said futher or want any tips on anything, you can always pm me and I will gladly help in anyway I can.

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Here is my review for @Damian
Story Name: Tainted
Authors Name: Jaria.burns

Plot (7/10): So I’m guessing the main conflict is between Axel and the MC but because we don’t see them together that often the conflict doesn’t present itself. I suggest adding flashback maybe to bring out interpersonal conflict in episode 1 and 2. Episode 3 and 4, the plot does approve.
Directing (4/10): Directing was your weakest point. You had a lot of mistakes that repeated a lot. You would pan and then fade in, characters would pop up on screen after you pan or pop into places randomly. Sometimes zooms would
Characters (7/10): Your characters were okay. By episode 4 I had an idea of who they were on the surface but I didn’t really understand their motivations like for example the way your mom acts towards you or why the MC is distrustful of Axel. You have good foundations for characters but they can use more depth
Pacing (7/10): Episode 1 and 2 drag a bit in my opinion but in episode 3 & 4 the pacing improves.
Grammar/Spelling (5/5): I didn’t see any obvious mistakes.
Choices (3/5): I think episode 1 needs more choices.

Overall (33/50): I know the score and review might be disheartening but you don’t have a terrible story. I think you have an interesting plot that just needs to be fleshed out a little and I think if you fix the directing you can have a really good story. My biggest advice right now is to read through some guides on directing tips, and slowly re-read your story and start fixing your directing mistakes. In a visual media, your visuals are the most important so once you fix that i think you will have a good story. Some recommendations for where to look is Dara’s help thread on the forums, and on instagram: @episodeaxiom, @smile_episode, and I’m also always available for a one on one chat and you can always dm me for advice.

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Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre: Drama
Link :

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Here is my review for @Anna_Almast
**Story Name: ** KILL YOUR DREAMS
Authors Name: Anna

Plot (9/10): I thought you had a unique way of showing the plot of a girl repeating the same day. The way the day repeats but the MC’s reactions to things changed helped make it not feel so repetitive. However I do feel like each episode I don’t learn anything new so that’s my only complaint.
Directing (7.5/10): You did have a couple of directing errors. When the main character got in the car, I don’t know how to explain but the start of the scene would look glitchy because the car would move a little the character would pop up. Also if you are transitioning in, you need to use & not @. I also would recommend in the party scene, the characters close to screen move to a layer above the light overlays. Lastly, you used an animation that requires a prop but without the prop so the character’s hand looked weird.
Characters (5/10): I feel like your characters were the weakest part of your story. I don’t feel like I know anything about any of the characters especially the MC. I would try to add character depth to
your story to help improve this.
Pacing (9/10): Your pacing was good. Not too fast, not too slow.
Language (4/5): Make sure to put $ before the number.
Choices (3/5): I do think you need more choices.

Overall (37.5/50): I think you have an interesting story but it needs some fix ups in order to improve. I like the idea of how you tell the plot, but some directing needs fixing and the characters need to be improved. Below I put two links I think will help you.

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Thank you so much, I’ll try to fix all the mistakes.

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I will, here’s my story

Name story: Amazing Inside
Genre: Fantasty
Chapters: will be continue.
Description: Can Emma control her emotion when she realize they come out and talk to her!! Can she balance love, family and friendship before a mystery power come and destroy everything.
Link: 1 1 1 1


I have fill your form and read your story

I filled in the form, but I only have one episode and the story is unpublished, so here is the link again:

Your story was really good, I liked it and will continue reading it for sure!

Thank you I’m glad you liked it! I added you to the wait list.

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Thank you, I have added your story to the reading list.

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Here is my review for Abi B
Title: Prank Town
Author’s Name: Abi B

Plot (9/10): I thought you had an interesting and creative plot! It was fun to watch the characters and it was an enjoyable story.
Directing (8/10): For the most park the directing was good. There were a few layering problems and couple of times the zooms would cut off part of the character’s faces so I would be careful of that.
Pacing (9/10): The pacing was really good and fit the story well. Also some of the images (art scene and the group pic on MeTube didn’t match two of the people on there. Jess’ skin was a different shade on the pic and Ryder’s hair was a differen color.
Characters (8/10): The characters were fun to watch, and while I don’t know a lot about them, I would want to see more of them,
Language (5/5): I didn’t see any mistakes
Choices (5/5): I liked you had choices that mattered.

Overall (44/50): I really liked your story. It just had a few directing problems but I would totally recommend this story. I can’t wait to read more!

Here is my review for @AMar
Title: Lie to Me
Author’s Name: Alexandra Mar

Plot (9/10): You have an interesting plot that holds the reader’s attention and keeps suprising the reader. I don’t want to say too much to avoid spoilers because I think this is a story people should definitely read.
Directing (10/10): You’re directing is amazing. Your use of overlays, especially in the first episode, was amazing and everything was smooth and well done. The only complaint is the scene where Mia was on the floor with Aiden looked a little weird but other than that, great directing!
Characters (9/10): All the characters were interesting and had good depth. I loved reading and I want to know them more.
Pacing (8/10): The pacing was really fast but I liked the fast pace feel and I could still keep track of what was going on.
Spelling/Grammar/Language (5/5): I didn’t see any obvious mistakes.
Choices (5/5): You had a good amount of choices and had choices that were meangingful which I really liked.

Overall (46/50): Overall you have a fast paced, interesting story that kept me on edge wanting to read more. I totally recommend this story and definitely keep writing!


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Author Name: Miss. Isabella
Story Name: Life goes on (Ink)
Genre: Romance/Drama
How much diversity on a scale of 1 to 10(I love diversity): 3 (more coming soon)
I really appreciate, if you take some time my sotry. :slight_smile:Thanks guys!
Story link:

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