Read carefully what the User is Looking For

they never THINK before requesting. :joy:

“Can I get a review?!”
“Can I get a review?!”




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ive seen someone story with reads like that number, and im like “dont…follow…simple…instructions…”


Whenever I see someone not following the instructions and posting their story anyway, I add their story to my “do not read” list.


agree on that. if you only want the read, not a review go do r4r. and if you can’t handle the critique

sometimes the reviewer can be anything too. i had one who made a very small one only mention a few things. not going into detail and when i did ask her about her opinions she began to complain that if I cannot handle the critique I should not ask for reviews

ps do you have a rewiew tread when you spend that much time on it would very much like to hear your opinion. i love rewiew even if i dont agree on what they think.


There you go. I do a detailed one, about plot, characters and directing. Everything basically.

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if someone said, read my story because the person doesnt have any reads, and yet others are saying “read for read?”

if that person who has 0 reads, wants to do a read for read, or asked for read for read, then boom, other than that, why are u saying read for read, if the person only wants someone or anyone to read a story? :thinking: lol

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Oh my gosh, that’s really bad (in my opinion) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It goes against my rules as a writer to do a read 4 read with someone who has zero reads because they JUST PUBLISHED THEIR STORY.
I’ll read it for free, without anything in return (come on, they just published, don’t bombard them with read for reads, they just started, hopefully their first reader isn’t someone they did a read for read with) :joy:

This is so true, if they just said “read/check out my story” and never mentioned anything about a read for read, be a respectful person and don’t advertise your stories on their thread, asking for a read for read. YOU NEED TO READ WHAT THE PERSON ASKED FOR.


honestly, they don’t READ. It’s like they just care for read for read. like… BRUH. CHILLL WITH THESE READ FOR READS, AND JUST READ THE PERSON STORY FOR ONCE. XD :joy:


Exactly :sunglasses: :wink::revolving_hearts::yellow_heart:

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with my first story i did alot read for read. first really many cheated and did not read my story . second i ended up reading really many stories i did not like.

most people dont even care about your story they just want the read. so i beging to say this when people ask for read for read. i am reading one chapter only, i will read more if i like it. you can do the same


Listen, listen, listen…if you just listen, you can make so many people happy. SO LISTEN.

Don’t be the selfish jerk who advertises their story everywhere and neglects to think about how the OP is feeling. Um, we have feelings and we would appreciate it if you took a few minutes out of your lives to listen to what we’re saying. It isn’t hard to listen YET so many fail at doing it.

ALSO to the people who are asking and posting so many r4r posts in a day-stop it. You can’t keep up with it and you will end up hurting someone. SO STOP. Only post what you can handle. Sometimes, I wish there was a limit on people who posted in r4r posts : /

Yes, I feel very strongly about this!


If people who promoted their story constantly on the forums worked on their story instead and made new episodes, they would have more reads. Just saying :speak_no_evil:


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so true. i have made a tread asking for story recomadations. i wanted scifi, mystery or superhero.

guess who got recomanded romance and drama

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please read this forum.



stop promoting your story everywhere without reading omfg


Ugh, they don’t listen. The problem is since they’re too consumed with getting reads, they don’t care how others feel and no matter how many hearts they break, they’ll continue to break more. Whoever hasn’t been affected by this, you are very lucky, it’s an unpleasant thing to experience.
Note, I will not call out anyone but I know some who are very bad when it comes to obeying the rules of a promote your story thread


Some people are just too desperate for reads :upside_down_face: