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Hey guys! So i just wanted to share a story that happened in my family⬇️

So I am from Madagascar, in Africa and France, my mom is french, my dad african, when my mom came to Madagascar, back 15 years ago, she met my father who is actually black, my mom being white. Once, she walked somewhere and has been attacked by two peoples, who were screaming “GO BACK IN YOUR COUNTRY, WHITE WOMAN” . And my mom had to go back to France. She only came back to Madagascar a few years later, bc she had everything there, her husband…
When my mom was aggressed, she was pregnant .
I’m here to say that, my old friend, who was african, treated me of racist because i said fuck to the people who made my mom have this giant scar, and who made her traumatised every nights she spends in her country, Madagascar.
This person, said that i was racist. This id unbelievable. Im myself a mix between white and black. I dont get it.
Why am i writing that?
Bc my cousin has been killed bc he was white in a country of black ppl, and that on social medias, my dad who posted a message saying to rest in peace to my cousin, ppl said that he deserved to be kill. I’m the first person who support the #BLM movement. But i do not tolerate that my dead cousin is being a source of hate bc he was white. And killed. All i want is to everyone who is victim of racist, even racist toward WHITE people has justice.
My family is FAR from being racits. All of us are African.

My personal experience: ppl were screaming at me, yrlling bc im white and they say that im lying of being half African. I didnt choose my skin color :woman_shrugging:

So all im saying, respect the death or just the lives of everyone. Its not bc we are white thar we are racist. Its not bc we are black that we dont like white people.

Thank you if you read that,
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I’m so sorry you had to go through this mel. You know we are always here for you. LY

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Omggggggg i am so sorrryyyyyyyy to hear that and what happened to u and your mother!! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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:sob::sob::sob::sob: ITS OKAY NOW dont worry

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I hope so :heart::heart::heart:


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Ariel, you deserve better!! :sob::heart::heart:
May your cousin rest in peace
And I hope your mother lives a happier life

Racism is the refuge of the ignorant. it wants to divide and destroy. it is the enemy of freedom and deserves to be destroyed in a head-to-head battle.Pierre Berton

I just don’t understand why people hate other people with different skin colour than theirs! This has to end because the bottom line is that we are all homo sapiens and the only difference is that every one of us has different melanin content in their genes. It’s purely genetical and cannot be controlled by us. This is what makes us different from anyone else. The thing that matters at the end of the day is the nature, character and charisma of the human not her skin colour, body shape, hair length, cloth type , gender or anything. The only thing that matters is what’s going inside your brain because in reality our skin is not even half a centimeter thick and if you tear it every one of us is same from Abraham Lincoln to Nelson Mandela to Queen Elizabeth to Mahatma Gandhi to Mark Zuckerberg to Malala Yousafzai to even Hitler.
All that matters is what’s inside your brain!!!

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@Aria5 @Miss_Infinity all of this has been said :broken_heart::dizzy: