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So I’ve been thinking recently and I really want to try make splashes/backgrounds. Right now however I don’t think I’ll be able to have the time to make backgrounds but I will try to make splashes or overlays.

(This is gonna be up for roughly 1 week unless I change my mind 10th August 2019<<That’s my date as I post this)


Details about overlays

-As I said I don’t currently have TONS of time on my hands so I won’t be able to draw/design overlays from scratch. I can however make any picture you send me psd.


Details about splashes

-Like I said, not a lot of time on my hands so what I’ll be able to create will be limited… :neutral_face: . I can however create ordinary splashes.
-Tell me what you want the splash for and if any characters/creatures/things are involved in it. I need to know if you want it to tell the reader to turn their volume up or whatever.
-Also tell me any other little details you want (fireworks, fireflies, etc…). That always helps.

***DETAILS ***


Ok so in summary, I am a beginner so please don’t expect too much from me. Yes I might not be AS qualified as others in the forums but I’d really like to give this a shot and see what I can do.


Yes there’s more

-Be nice. To everyone.
-If there is a final date you need this by, tell me and I will try my best as long as your not pushy. I have friends, a job and exams I need to prepare for.
-Always include details of what you want!!. The vibe of it, filters, whatever.
-BE HONEST. This is a learning experience for me in a way. Trust me, you won’t hurt my feelings :relaxed:
-All overlays will be psd obviously.
-I’m not quite perfect on sizing yet so if something is not the right size tell me so I can fix it.
-As for how long each splash/overlay will take, I’m not sure. It could take anything from 30 mins to perhaps a whole day or even more so I really suggest that if you are looking for a splash in less that 2 minutes I’m definitely not your person.
-If you want a splash/overlay you HAVE to use the password=Wynter’s Da Best :joy: Just to make sure everyone read this :two_hearts: :crazy_face:

That’s all. (Finally)

Actually one more thing:

Actual last thing

**If you do decide to use a splash from me then please credit me. I work hard on all splashes. As for overlays I don’t mind if you credit or not unless I design/draw them which I will mention as I post it. If I find out I have not been credited then… :balloon: :clown_face: :hocho: . Just joking! (Kind of) But seriously please give credit to all artists :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: **

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Hey!! So do you happen to have any examples? I think that would help people really see what your style is and what your capable of! If not then thats fine!

I currently don’t need anything but if I do I’ll come back here! Best of luck!


I currently don’t have any edits I’m actually proud of complete right now as I’m still new to this. I should however have some done by tomorrow. (It’s 00:04 right now. I’m dying inside.) So yeah I’ll edit them in after I’m finished with them :relaxed:

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Oh cool!

Hey. Can you make me an overlay?
I want it to be an outside of a building with 2 open doors.

Yeah sure! Do you have any picture references you could show me so I’m on the same page?

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No. Sorry. I looked for some and I dont see any.

Almost like a regular wall but there are open doors in the middle.

Ok I’ll try my best…

Ok, thanks!

Hey. I found an overlay I can use. But if you still want to make one for me please let me know so I dont waste your time! @Wynter.Maddox

This is what I found:

Hi, yeah sure go ahead with that one! To be honest I was a littleee confused as to what you wanted an overlay of/for :joy: .

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Hi hon! So, I have some pretty odd suggestions… The first few are normal, but yeah… I need overlays… Not like random but from Episode backgrounds

The circled objects if possible..

And then an odd One… Could you make the images I’ll send you PNG? Like, cut out the whole image? I know it sounds really weird, but I really need it…

The images that I'd like to be cut out completely


Thank you so much if you Can do it!

Hi, yeah I will be able to do the first few overlays I just need to know what exactly you mean by ‘cutting the pictures out’. Do you want me to resize them and make them png?

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Yes! Exactly! Just make the images PNG :innocent: Thank you so much!

Ok no problem! They should all be done by the end of the day, unless my editing app acts crappy again. :joy: :relaxed:

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Awesome! Thank you!



Let me know if u need anything changed or anything else :relaxed: !

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PS- They’re a little rough around the edges as my editing app IS glitching. Yay! not :roll_eyes:

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