Read/Feedback for Read/Feedback?

Hi guys!

This thread is to do R4R while also giving feedback! You can message me on instagram @kathrynstoriess if you guys would like to do a R4R and Feedback for Feedback with me :grin: By doing this, authors can get reads and feedback to improve their story :crazy_face:

If you would like to read my story:
Title: Attracted to You
Genre: Drama
Author: Kathryn L.
Instagram: kathrynstoriess
Summary: After moving away for 2 years, Leah is finally excited to be returning back home… but who knew that there would be so much drama, love, trouble, and chaos waiting for her?


Hello!!! I would love to do a R4R and send you my comments!! :blush:

Title: Tender Love
Author: AnaIz16
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 5 (in progress)
Summary: Helena suffers a traumatic loss. A wrong decision was taken. And her dead boyfriend hunts her. The past brings someone who is capable to change her life, w
cc, and choices available!
Style: INK CC

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Hii! I’m totally down for R4R and F4F. I’ve added your story to my list. I LOVE me some drama.

Can you check out my story: Born with a Veil. It’s a Fantasy/Romance, limelight story. 4 episodes (more coming soon). We can chat on IG; I’m Ely.Episode.

Description: A Love story that will make your heart ache in love-delight and devastation. Why? Because of a certain frightful twist. What happens when the love of your life becomes a ghost? The story follows the MC, Ava, a young orphan girl with the ability to see ghosts as she was born with a veil. As she uncovers the truth about who she really is, the more dangerous she becomes.

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Thanks for the thread! Would love to do a R4R :blush:

Title: The Years We Lost

Author: rene_writes

Description: After tragedy strikes, Alyssa leaves town without any explanation. 10 years later she returns. Can her childhood best friend help her move on or will her past catch up with her?

Genre: Romance/Drama

Episodes: 10 (more to come)


Instagram: rene_writes

Your story looks interesting! Wanna do R4R?

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 15
Description: Rose & Sophia Beaumont are tough to handle. But what if one is taken and another one has been targeted to kill? Will they able to stay strong? Or love will get in the way?
Instagram: xoroses.episode

I’d be up for a R4R & more than happy to give you feedback :heart:

Here’s my story -
Title : Stay
Author : Kiki
Instagram : @kiki_epi
Genre : Drama
Style : Available in both Ink & Limelight
Description: She’s trying to move on but worried about never being able to forget. Can she learn to live again or will it always haunt her? Fresh starts & old faces, nothing’s ever simple! CC

I am interested for r4r

Title - money can’t buy true love
Description- Arina get everything she wishes for, but what happens when she falls for a person who doesn’t love her back
Will she get him too
Episodes - 4/ more to come

I have published chapter 4 for my story .
It has more drama , more romance and now you can customize Arina .

Hello :nerd_face::hugs:

Author: C.W.Kingston
Instagram: c.w.kingston
Title: And Remember
Episodes: 7 (and more)
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance

Description: They say that if you truly love someone, the whole universe will conspire to bring you to them. Will it? For Matt and Ravina?!

I would like r4r

Title: The Star Necklace

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity

Author: Saya Valery
Title: Agent A
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 1(ongoing)
Description: Angel’s a secret agent with telekinesis powers. What happens when you get assigned to gain info on the president? Can you stop his evil plans before the world ends? Find out!