Read for a read! (guaranteed!)

Hey guys!
My name is EpisodeLover26, and I’ll be MORE than happy to read your stories, as long as you read mine!
Here are the rules:
You MUST read my story first, (1 Episode) and I’ll gladly read 1 Episode of yours!
Also, you must comment below that you did so.
Thank you!

(The Story name is Horror As A Princess!)
Also, I’ll be more than happy to give you guys feedback!


Hello there, I have a hard time getting my first story ever out there, Please Please support me! AND I will also read yours too don’t worry <3 hehe
Please read and leave me some feedbacks <3 It would mean the world to me!!!
Title: Love is Lost
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: Drama & Romance
Episodes: 12 - completed
Description: Athena thought she has finally found her true love, but is life really that easy? Her life went from being on top of the world to everybody betraying her after meeting “him”. She tried and tried to get her old life back until she finally met someone else. Will this someone be the one for her? Or will this someone be another disaster in her life?


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Thanks for sharing your story!
I will read it today!
Your story sounds REALLY cool!

Hey There,
I’d love to do a read for read :grin:
Title: Blood of the Empress
Author: Treas H
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: After touching an ancient crown, Thea Maeda begins experiencing visions of an ancient empress. When her professor reveals to her the truth, Thea has to make a life-altering decision in which the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance.
Episodes: 4 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @treasH.stories

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@Tres_H Your story sounds SO cool!
I can’t wait to check it out!!! :slight_smile:

Hey! @pheebsnomenal
I read an Episode.
It was pretty good!
Just remember to read mine, or else it wouldn’t be a read for a read. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I will R4R

I always will read a least 3 episode and will read more if I really like it!

Title: They will Rise
Author: Isaiah h
Episodes: 3 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Action/Adventure (a little romance but just a smidge for people who don’t like it!)
Style: Limelight
Description: When you find out you have super powers your life is turned upside down!


Thank you so much!
Your story sounds really cool!


I just read the first episode it’s very good i’ll send you screenshots when I read 3 episodes!

I will definitely read your story some point today!

My episode name is: Venise
My story name is : If You wait

I’m on my way to read your story and I won’t mind a little feedback from you :slight_smile:

OMG! Thank you SO much!
I can’t wait to read your story!
I’ll message you when I’m done.

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Hey, so I’ve just read the first two episodes of your story, and I don’t know if you wanted some feedbacks, but here are some:

  • They are some directing issues, like the king pops into an outfit and the next second he’s in a royal suit
  • I chose the 1st outfit (pink one) and when she’s in the stairs she’s wearing the second one (orange one)
  • It was pretty short, so I might read another episode just to see if it’s longer and how the story and directing goes.
  • Personally it’s not my type of story, but I think some people will like it.
  • In the 1st episode the narration and dialogues are a bit useless you should choose either one of them but not both at least in the first episode because the dialogue between the king and citizen was a bit useless I mean how asking somebody if she’s okay makes you a good person?
  • The end was pretty great though. Great cliffhanger


  • Very short too.
  • You should reduce the characters size if you want them to be children otherwise once they walk they get an adult size it’s a bit weird.
  • The plot is not really thrilling, it’s too plain/simple. And the dialogues are a bit plain and well I don’t really get the plot, but I guess you explain it in the next episodes.
  • It’s nice because we are allowed to make choices for every characters not only for the main one.
  • Unless with the kids size (character size) this episode doesn’t have directing issues.

If you want help with your cover :wink: I can do it for you :slight_smile: with your characters and the castle background.

My story name is : If You Wait -Limelight
And my name on episode is: Venise

Your story looks pretty nice :slight_smile: it’s in Limelight or INK?

Thank you for telling me, Venise!
I am very sorry for the inconvenience and I’ll try to update it.
And, I promise… something CRAZY happens later! :slight_smile:

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I’d love to R4R!


Genre: Comedy/Drama
Plot: Betty is a small town girl with big dreams of becoming a rock star. Navigating stardom, relationships, fans, and parties…Will she make it or break it? CC


Hey @EpisodeLover26! I’d love to do r4r and know what you think about my story.
Story title: Let the demon inside
Author: Nierido
Genre: Supernatural romance
Description: You have to move back to Dimwood. What will you find there? Love, death or supernatural friends?
Number of episodes:5

I finished reading first three chapters. I love the main idea, but episodes are extremely short. And try to reduce character size to make them look like children. Also sometimes cahacters pop up.
Good luck

I’ve already read your whole story lol

Yeah me too :joy: I wanted to reply @EpisodeLover26 but mistakenly replied you. Sorry

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