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Hi, here’s how this works:
You read 3 episodes of my story, then I’ll read 3 episodes of your story and review it.

I review on:
Directing is my piece of cake. I love it as I do it obsessively. If I see mistakes in your story (if there are any) I will contact you and help you fix them. (Don’t hesitate to ask me question about directing through my PMs!)

If a story can’t enter the main subject in the at least end of first episode, the pace is a little bit slow for me. However if you want your story to not get judged by that, just tell me. Because it’s an personal like. Not a requirement.

I’m a human-being(?) that enjoys realism in her stories. If a dialogue is too out of world, (and by that I mean too unrealistic) realism was never bothered to be put in the story. How to add realism? I can PM you it. Just simply remember that we are humans and we are not lawfully good angels.

PM for a review, or drop your link here. Like I said, first you must read my story EXORCISM OF PHOEBE and send me screenshots, then I’ll read your story and post the review on my Instagram. Make sure to write your Instagram so I can tag you!

My ig:@turtletrainer.episode
My story: Exorcism of Phoebe

An example:

My story:
Ig handle:
I want you to focus on:
Don’t include:
I read your story, screenshot has been sent to you.
This is my first story, directing should be excused.
English is not my main language.

This is so nice of you to do! Here’s my story:

Title: Over Before You Know It
Author: Lizard
Genre: Drama
Description: You and your best friend make a suicide pact to go to the Grand Canyon and end it all together. Will you both really do it? Or will it be over before you know it?
Number of Episodes: 7
My instagram: @lizard.episode

I’ve already started reading your story, I’ll send you the screenshots after I’ve read three episodes.

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Here are my screenshots, can you @ me in the Instagram post you make after you review my story?

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Thank you for reading, yes I will tag you.

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Hi i would love a review and to read your story!
Here is my story:
Title- A secret of a mafia
Author- Nataliexox (may show as Natalie Hills)
Description- What happens when 2 children of rival mafias fall in love? Everything. Follow as lies, drama and tension unfold as you read.
No. of episodes- 11

Quick note This is my first story so i hope you will be able to give me any pointers in where i am wrong. Also, my later chapters do improve (from about episode 5). I understand it is a few chapters so I’m fine to wait until you are ready and you’ve read them all. Thanks so much for this opportunity :heartbeat: I’ll send screenshots soon of me reading your story x

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Your review is posted! Thank you for giving my story a chance!

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No prob, I really liked it! The idea of personifying the 7 deadly sins was pretty cool imo.

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Here is my story
Title: Break Down My Walls
Author: @moonlight123.episode
Genre: Action
Style: Ink
Description:You have your walls up. And no one ever comes in. But when you join a rebel gang, you feel attracted to the handsome leader. Can he melt your heart? Love, danger, lust awaits…
number of episodes: 4
my instagram: @moonlight123.episode
(Also this is my first real story)
I will send you screenshots soon! Thank you for doing this

I’ll do a R4R
My story is called :Her secrets , his sins

There’s my link .
And I’m reading yours now.
my instagram is @Kls12s94
This is my first story by the way.

I read the story and I really enjoyed the directing a lot .

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I’ll review your story today, it should be posted in a few hours :blush:

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A review would be amazing! I am going to start your story now and i will replay with screenshots! :slight_smile:
Story title : The Next Stage
IG: @lisa.p.episdoe
Genre: Comedy
episode: 3

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I just finished your story it was so good! And amazing directing!

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