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Hello everyone!
Recently I’ve published my story Perfectly Aligned!

Story Deets here

Title: Perfectly Aligned
Author: Baleigh Roberts
Episodes: 3 and ongoing
Short Description: Blaire feels hopeless after tragedy hits, but new boy Alex might be just what she needs to get things perfectly aligned again; including her heart.
Long Description: Blaire has always been on top. Top dancer, most popular, best student… She’s thrived on the knowledge of knowing she’s “perfect” and that nothing can realistically touch her. At least that’s what she thinks. When a sudden tragedy happens, Blaire is suddenly face to face with feelings and emotions she didn’t know she had, causing her to start to doubt her previous mindset.
And in comes Alex, a new boy and one who has his own baggage to carry. A dying father, separated parents, and a depressed sister are enough for him to have his own issues.
When their two worlds collide will it be enough? And will they be able to work on the broken pieces of each other in order to find themselves perfectly aligned?

I decided that instead of trying to add on more read for reads (which I honestly wouldn’t be able to keep up with and write more episodes that I’d offer story promotion for people who read my episodes! :grin:

The RULES (You must follow them to get the promotion!)

  1. Show me screenshots proving you read the first 3 episodes. If there are no screenshots I will not put you on the highlight section of my instagram.
  2. In the same post as the screenies please give me your story title (published only!) and your instagram handle, and your cover.
  3. This is NOT a read for read or a place to promote your own stories. Anyone doing these things will be flagged.
    All stories will be added to a highlighted section on my instagram @baleigh.writes !! :grin:
    They will also be on my story for 24 hours!!
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