Read for Read and shout outs!

Hello I just published my second story and I would love to do read for reads.
It be nice if we can do shout out for shout outs to both promote our stories:)
All you have to do is follow my Instagram: ray_writes_episode
And dm some proof that you read it!
Comment your story below and I’ll be sure to send ur proof back.

I just published three episodes of my new story!
It’s a romance story
Description: Is moving into a new country a new chance to break free? Will you be able to resist the temptations of a man who sets his eyes on you? or will you deny him?

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Sure I am in
Hey everyone sorry if this is a repeat I have put my story out there and I can’t remember which thread I did or did not part take in. Anyway my story is

Title: Raising Hexagon
Desc: Your actions have consequences, a one night stand leads to you raising hexagon for life. Can you handle all of it?
Gene: Comedy
Episode #16 (More coming soon)
IG: @episode_lettym
I will start reading your story now :slight_smile:
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Great I’ll show u proof soon as possible!!!

I am reading , and I love the art work did you do them? if not whoever did them is very talent and yes I am hooked on the story as well lol I have a lot in Common with Cynthia

Yes i did do the artwork:) thank you so much!!

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hey im down for a r4r if u are?

Yes! Do u have insta?

ur story sounds great! are you down for a r4r?

yeah its lee_ahora_episode_

I’ll message you and start the r4r


I added it to my favs cant wait until Lorenzo causes a scence lol.

Yes its @episode_lettym

Thank you hehe!

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I’d love to do a read for read x


Description: six supernatural creatures are chosen to stop an ancient evil from taking over and destroying their world, can they save life on earth? Or will their own problems get in the way?

Insta: Amywr_ites