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I’d love to do an R4R with you, it would mean the world to me if you’d read my new story.
Story Link :
Story Title: “The Makeover That Changed Everything”
Description: Dylan West is as about tomboy as it gets, but when her best friend convinces her to change her style to help her find a boyfriend, Dylan finds herself stuck between three boys. [CC, Limelight]
Story Status: On going, more episodes to come!
Episodes: 4
Small Cover:

Thank you for this opportunity!

Instagram: @LolaFromEpisode

I’m up to date on your story. It’s really impressive! Super slick and professional with great choices and points build up. I’ll be reading as you continue to update.
Gem x

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I’ll be starting your story tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Gem x

I’ll definitely give it a read. I’ll let you know when I start it later this week.
Gem x

I’ll get to your story later this week, I’ll let you know when I start it and how I get on.
Gem x

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Fab! Thanks for joining the thread! I’ll def give yours a read, I’ll let you know when I start it and how I get on. Will b later this week.
Gem x

Thanks for joining the thread! I’m working my way down the replies so will get to your story by the end of the week. I’ll let you know when I start it and how I get on.
Gem x

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That’s perfect ! Thanks!

Thank you :heart: i will read yours too :))

Feel free to read my story! :wink:
I would appreciate the read! (I’m ALWAYS open to a R4R)

Title : Ambition

Author: Paige.epi

Style: Ink

Episodes: 10 (more to come)

Description: Bailey is working for a gang to make some cash…or is that the real truth? When her boss assigns her to a dangerous job it takes a hard turn. Will this new job mean life or death? Or will a new mysterious man be able to steer her in the right (or wrong) direction?


These episodes are more of a story so there won’t be many choices but you will get to pick clothing, hair, lipstick, etc during the episodes.
Feedback is always appreciated

Title: Dear Diary
Genre: Romance (w/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Description: Ella Davis writes every experience in her diary which goes missing, the Davis family under watch over her fathers unpaid business and someone dies unexpectedly. Who is the suspect?

Heyy! would you like to do a r4r with me?
Here is my story… lemme know!
Story: The perfect crime
Genre: Mystery
Author: Steph
Description: The perfect crime does not exist… RIGHT?!
Find the clues, solve the case, and find the killer … before he kills YOU!
choices matter in this story!
Cover: image

Hi, I’m up to date on yours! I’m enjoying, I will be staying with you on new episodes.

I’d love you to give mine a try but obvs if it’s not your thing then don’t expect you to keep reading. As long as you give it a few episodes just to see if it’s a story you can get into is all I ask.

Gem x

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Hi TamiRose,
I’m starting your story today. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Gem x

Thank you for the lovely feedback… Ill start reading urs right now and I’ll let u know what I think…!

Yes let’s do it! I’m going to read your story, let me know when you read mine

Sounds great!

Hey, I’d be down for a R4R if you are up for it. Let me know! :slight_smile:

Thank you. Hope it’s ok :hugs:

Sure. I hope it’s at least alright. I will SS when I read :blush: