Read for Read anyone? R4R

Hey! I’m willing to do and R4R with you if you’d like?!
I can have your story to my list to check out. :grin:
Here are my story details:

Title: Venomous Cure
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Cassandra Moreno is a straight A student at Blueford Academy. As she’s always so upbeat and your classic smart butt. She comes from a troubled past. With your uncle being chief of police, she can’t help but blame him for the death of her brother Miguel Angel. As the family copes with their loss ; you have on the other side of New York your classic gang and mafias and of course with that comes your classic rivalries. Los Altos is the most feared gang of New York, with non other than Vinchenzo Yagali Sorrentino as the leader. Vinchenzo comes from a powerful family, he has his beautiful wife and two sons.One being Andre the heir to Los Altos ; and Vincent second in line. Andre Is your typical playboy always running into trouble, with andre being so cold and ruthless, wether he likes it or not he feels at ease and tamed when around Cassandra. Having someone so upbeat and bright he can’t help to realize his world can come tumbling down with her not being of his nature or of his family’s kind. But he’d risk it all because she’s his Venomous Cure :black_heart:
Instagram: xo.mbh_


Hello lovely!!

I would happy to do a R4R

If your interested I’ll leave my dets below :grinning:

Here`s mine:

Title: Mum Know`s Best

Description: Brainwashed teenager nicola has suffered from years of abuse at the hands of her mother will she be able to find a way out? Contains violence, self harm + CC choices matter tappable choices


Style: Ink

Genre: Drama

Important info :

If you would check out my story it would be great appreciated! I have worked on it for over a year now! Hopefully your love it as much As I do :slight_smile:

There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, Romantic, slight bit of thriller in and a slight bit of horror in as well

One reader quoted the following after reading all chapters “Its a classical version of flowers in the attic” And another: "I don`t have much to say about your story besides is absolutely Beautiful"

Advert to my story

Here`s the authors and stories I would recommend
(They many also wanna do a R4R with you as well)

@MerryMirrors remembering me

@samantha_episode_1 A heartbreak century

@AliceC.Episode4 The heir and his female bodyguard

@Eclipsa Green Sea shell

@Sollyra I’ll call you mine


Perhaps you’d enjoy my new story, The Witch Prophecy!! :slight_smile:
(open to r4r)
Episode Acc: gigistorm
Episode Title: The Witch Prophecy
Story Genre: Fantasy
Description: You just found out you are a witch, how will you handle it, together with school and lovers?
Style: LL
Options: CC, choices matter.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing)
Story Link:

Thank you so much :heart::heart:
I would love to do R4R :heart::heart::heart:
That’s my first Limelight story!
Author: SollyRa
Title: I’ll call you mine
Genre: Romance!
Chapters: 4 (5th is coming soon!)
Description: He is a professor, the other is a millionaire and you’re a student. Will they complicate your life more or not? Romance, Drama and some choices MATTER! (LL)(CC)
I’ll appreciate if you read mine❤️

And that’s my Instagram:

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Here’s mine if you wanna check it out!

CC: No

Style: LL

Genre: action

Instagram: @Kenya.Writes

Description: Lee was taught that emotions make her weak. But when evil targets her home & friends, & she discovers her lost power, she needs to learn how to embrace those emotions to save both.


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My story is called “Kaylee Girly”.

Description: “Kaylee is running away from a terrible past. Then she meets Luna a sexy badass, who doesn’t have much of a good past either. What happens when their pasts catch up to them? LQBTQ+”.


I’ll go ahead & check yours out now !
I hope you like mine as well .
SS when done :blush:?

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I would love to do a R4R, sunshine :heart: (Limelight,2 love interests, FULL CC of MC and Love interests)
Title : Conqueror of my heart
Style: Limelight
Author: Krissstina
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Summary: Ruby and her friend just wanted to have fun, but whan consequences will their fun?

Chapters: 7 (To be continued…)
Instagram: @krusss.episode

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Yea of course lovely!!! Thank you :wink: x

It looks so good :blush:!

I’ll definitely check it out as soon as I’m done with the other r4r.

Hope you enjoy mine

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Of course :heart:
After reading I’d say its opinion :kissing_heart:

Ouuuu la la :wink: I love you’re story !
Can’t wait for more episodes :blush:

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checking yours out now :blush:.

I want to continue your story. So I’m your regular reader now. :heart:
There will be more in the next episodes Ou la la :joy:

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Lee is a total bad as$ :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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ouuu I can’t wait :wink:.

Aww thanks so much , your story is in my favorites :sunglasses:.

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Thanks so much. I am very pleased that you liked it :heart:

yes! we should do a r4r.
Title: Chain Mail
Genre: Drama
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Description: Chanelle and her friends receive messages telling them to do extreme tasks or their darkest secrets get exposed and somebody dies. Are you up for a game of truth or die? CC

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Thank you. Let me know when you have read 2, if you could just take a few SS would be greatly appreciated and then I’ll probably look at yours tomorrow, and send the SS X