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Hey Guys, I’ve Just Published A New Story And I Was Wondering If Anyone Would Be Interested In Doing R4R with me. If you’re interested, drop your stories below and I’ll read the required amount of chapters … but mind you, if you’re gonna ghost me, then don’t post your story.
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Story Title: Danger Of Darkness ‘Limelight’
Author: Writer_TNK
No of chapters: 3 (on going)
Genre: Drama
Summary: Follow Jasmine Through The Dangers Of Darkness After She Crosses Paths With Detroit, A Famous American Gang Leader. Will She Survive?

I’d love to do a r4r?
Story - Letters From The Lost
Genre - Drama
Summary - Accepting that you’re dying young isn’t easy but finding love when you didn’t want it makes it all the more difficult. Don’t get to close in case you’re leaving soon.
Style - INK
It’s not allowing me to add links or images so if you want to do the R4R I’ll contact you through Instagram? X

Alright No Problem…
I’ll search for it and I’ll start reading right away.

What’s your Instagram?

Hi, I’ll do a read for read with you! This is my story info!

I hope you have time to read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Pulse by ShannFergg

Genre Thriller/Drama

Style Limelight


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Yes, I’ll Gladly do r4r with you…

I’ll Pm you when I’m done .

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great!! I look forward to checking yours out

I’d be willing to do a read for read, I should have time in a couple days or earlier :hugs:

TITLE : Clue: Without a Trace
STYLE : Limelight, Cinematic and some Spotlight
AUTHOR/EPISODE NAME : Problematic_Patrick
DESCRIPTION : One by one, your friends are going missing. Can you and your friends uncover who is behind it before you are next?

  • Main Character Customization
  • Two Love Interests, one male and one female. I might make more as the story goes on though.
  • Various Minigames, Timed Choices, Chase Scenes
  • The ability to switch between/play as multiple characters
  • The point system…it will be used to determine whether you solve the case on your own or not.
  • The ability to solve the case using pieces of evidence you find along the way. This part obviously won’t really appear in episodes 1-3 as it’s too early.
  • Some choices that matter
  • Not complete, but by the end it’ll have at least two endings.

Wow, It sounds interesting already… :two_hearts:
I’ll Pm you when I do finish read your story.

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Would appreciate if you checked out my story and please tell me ways to improve the cover because the help and by the way it is my first story so go easy on me please

Hey sis… I’m offering read for read. Would you be reading my story also?


Alright… I’ll have to start tomorrow since I’m currently out of passes now…

I’ll Pm you :wink:

Sure same I am out of passes as well but I checked out your first episode

Storiesbymalia I’ll read yours now too!

I’ve just finished your story! I sent you my thoughts over dm (my insta is storiesbymalia) :purple_heart: