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Heyy Love ,.How Many Chapters Did You Read I’ll Only Read According To The Amount You Read On Mines … I’m Only Being Fair​:heart::two_hearts:

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I will read more as soon as I get my passes :smiley:

Alright. just letting you know i’ll read all 3 of your episodes :kissing_heart:

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Sure! Feel free to leave your thoughts :revolving_hearts:

Definitely… I’ll leave a comment in your Fanmail when I’m done​:heart::two_hearts:

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@prashansa60.episode is my Instagram. :blush::heart:

Hey girl! I just publish my story a few days ago. It’s called Sugar, baby. Also do you have any idea on where to get covers made for free? What i mean is anyone who can make a simple cover with my two main characters for free. The story so far is 3 chapters long, i’m updating soon. It’s mainly about this girl who is a ‘runaway criminal’ and this guy who she meets in Ireland, they end up falling foreach other but she’s on the run. The style is INK and the genre is adventure xx

Hey You’ll have to send me the link to your story because it’s sometimes harder to find stories when i type them in, so the link would be helpful.

I have a friend on Instagram who does them for free, maybe if you have an episode related account , i can let her know you want covers for your story.
If you want i can pm you her Instagram (she’s also an author)

(ps. i made the covers for my story myself but i don’t make them for people since i don’t have the time because I’m always busy with work.

Thank You! :muscle:t5::wink:

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sorry, I’m in a state where i can’t rlly send the link right now, but if you search up Minneha on the profile section on the app you’ll see my profile. (I’m sure no one has the same name as me :wink: lol. I don’t have insta, but i think i found someone who might be able to do it xx

I Found It…I’ve added it to my favorites , but you have to read mines first and send me proof that you did,and i’ll do the same…
you can read 3 chapters of mines since yours have 3 :fist:t5::wink:

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There ya go, I’m on episode 2!

I’m about to start yours Now ! :fist:t5: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m still open for read for read. Feel free to leave your stories here…I’m willing to read them. :fist:t5:

If you’re still doing R4R here is mines.
Only the first 2 episodes are done.
Author: Weird
Genre: Drama


Hey! Yeah i am still doing read for read .
Since it’s two episodes you have so far ,you can read 2 of mines and lend your feedback And SS when you’re done and I’ll do the same… :100: :fist:t5:

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I loved the story it was good

Is this enough?

Yass Hun…Thanks for reading…I’ll pm you my screenshots from your story shortly :kissing_heart:

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Read 4 chapters so far of your story and I must say I am intrigued!! :laughing: Can not wait to read more and find out what happens to Jasmine. Your directing and writing are on point. No grammer errors that are obvious to me. The usage of sound effects/music helped set the tone/mood of the scene which I love. Keep on writing!!:heart::blush: