Read for read group

Hi Besties,

I’m Lynda,

We’re creating a read for a read group.

We need only 30 people to join the first set. If the slot is closed, don’t worry; after 20 days, we will open another batch.


  1. You must read 5 stories per day with a maximum of 2 chapters each; you can continue to read the story if you like it.
  2. After reading a story, you must screenshot the story front page to show you read up to two chapters and write your name on it with the name you registered with us.

Note: After 6 days, you will get 30 reads and read 30 stores; the group manager will post 5 stories everyone must read every day for 6 days.

If you are interested, DM me @mclina.stories or my partner


Hey, I am ready for this…when will we start

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DM me on Instagram because that’s where the group will be, and I will get your information from there too.

Oh! I will try my best to do that as my insta account is not working…I am trying


If you get it to work, let me know.

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i wanna join lol

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DM in Instagram @mclina.stories that’s where the group will be.

Hi, I’m interested :hugs:

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Hi,I m interested in this. :relaxed:

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Hey, can I make another insta account and you can add me there…I will be very thankful to you…


Ok, dear, DM on Instagram when you do.

Ok, DM on Instagram.

Ok, DM me on Instagram.

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Hey! Please add me in that group…
My ig. episode_shivangi_12