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Hello dear Epi writers!

I know how hard it is to get your new story out there, so I would like to do R4R with you, so we can help each other. :star: :gift_heart:

Be respectful and be patient. If you read my story I will definitely read yours as well, but it may take some time.

****So here is how I’m going to do it:

-Send me screenshot that you read my story and after it I will do the same
-I will create a list, so if there is someone waiting before you, you can see it
-I will read 3x3 and will continue your story only if I like it

Here is my story:

Title: The Blood Order
Author: ChristineHZ
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Episodes: 4 and ongoing
Description: Melora is hoping for a new start in college when secrets start coming out, as faith drags her into a dark world. Will she be able to find herself and fulfill her true destiny?CC LL *
instagram: Christine_episode22

Waiting List:


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